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Letter to PS for withdrawal

Guest fancy4u2

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Guest fancy4u2

I need to write a letter to my daughter's school telling them I am going to homeschool her next year. I need tips on what to write. Can I just write a letter or do I need to type one up? I would appreciate any help or advice any of you have. We have one week of school left. She is in Kindergarten this year.

Thanks, Candy.

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Which state you live in would determine what kind of letter you send. For instance, here in California, we homeschool under a private school law, homeschool is not really a recognized legal term...so if you were sending a letter to school in Ca, you would write saying that your daughter will not be returning in the fall because she will be attending a private school.


If you can let us know which state, we could probably get you a link to a state homeschool chat board, where someone could give you very specific advice, or even someone here from your state could advise you.


welcome to the boards!:001_smile:

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Well, just from what I read on Indiana State Laws, here you do need to write a letter to let the principal know. Not every year, but initially. I would be brief. There is no need to go into the reasons why you are homeschooling. Back in WI, when we first started our homeschool journey, I believe I just wrote a letter saying:


Dear Sir/Madam:


My daughter, Jane Doe, will no longer be attending the XYZ Public School. We will be homeschooling next year.


Yours truly,

Homeschool Mom


If you feel compelled you could thank them for their part in your daughters kindergarten education. I reassured my local school that nothing was amiss on their part with our choice. But as the previous poster said, I would be careful not to go BEYOND what is written in the law. You have a clear cut right to homeschool and that is no one's business but your own! Long explanations are not needed. Defense is not needed.


Have a great time on your homeschooling journey!

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I don't know where you are, or what the laws are there, so I don't know if this will help you at all or not.


I pulled Diva in the middle of Grade 3. I sent a letter in with her on Feb 14.


Dear _____


This letter is to inform you that my daughter _______ will no longer be attending (school name) as of (date).





The vp called me under the pretense of wanting to know what school to forward her records to, something that I knew to be illegal without a request from the next school. She was quick to inform me that I *couldn't* pull Diva mid year and begin homeschooling, and that Diva would be listed as absent and it would be a truancy problem for me very quickly. I informed the vp that I had someone coming out the next day to enroll Diva as a homeschooler, so if she felt the need to mark her absent, to go right ahead. I found it interesting that at no time did she enquire as to WHY I was pulling Diva.


If there is a form letter for homeschooling in your area, I'd just fill that out and call it good.

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