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OK, my son and I are stumped on this question::confused:


Keyboard shortcuts are most commonly used to bypass a program's:

a. menu system

b. dialog boxes

c. active window

d. toolbar buttons


I think it's d, my son thinks it's b.


What is the correct answer, please?



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Microsoft and many other vendors have gotten away from menus. If you use the Office 2007 Suite, there are almost none and what was the Toolbar in earlier versions is now called the Ribbon. The Ribbon has icon groups, and you use the Ribbon tabs to get to the different types of icons.



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The answer to the question is A.


If it makes you and your son feel better though, dialog boxes can almost always be dispatched from the keyboard using enter and escape. If there are more choices, there are usually shortcuts given for them as well. Many toolbar items also have keyboard shortcuts. The way you get to something through a menu may be to first bring up a toolbar, then click on an item. It is still considered a menu shortcut.


However, the most commonly used shortcuts are things like open, close, quit, cut, copy, paste, and undo and all of these are straight from the menus.

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