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K12 - Earth Science (6th grade) anyone use this?

SS in MD

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I am looking into K12 Earth Science (6th grade) for next year. Has anyone used this before? How did you like it? Any thing you didn't care for? It's 20% off right now, but still rather expensive for one subject w/no re-use, is it worth the money?


Also, we would have to buy independently (consumer direct), so either it would have to be month-by-month or 1 year contract. We school from mid-Aug to end of May (with approx 2 weeks off every 9 wks) Just wondering if we opt for the year contract (since it's cheaper) and dc gets done before the end-of-year date, what then? Buy another subject?


Thanks so much for your help!

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My ds did it when we did the virtual academy. He really liked it (better than the other sciences he did). He did do it in under a school year (well under), but it was a class he focused on also. He much rather would do science than English!


I think it is solid but it moves pretty quickly. Of course, then we did it faster also so it can probably be slowed down if a kid needed it.


ETA: let me explain. The virtual academy started the school year off with another science then had this for second term. My son wanted to finish it because he liked it. So that is why he went faster. We didn't worry about grades and such (other than getting over the 80% of whatever it is to get it to count towards his percentage so he'd pass the grade level). Also, he had to get 6 hours per day for the virtual academy but had finished much of his work in April so had all of June to focus on the science.


Does this help at all?

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Ds took K12 Earth Science through our charter school. I thought it was very well done. I did not have ds do all the activities; I picked and choose and mostly it was to answers questions so he'll have practice on writing paragraphs. If you finished before the 12 months is over, you can call and request for another class for the remaining months. Like when my girls used K12 Grade 4 and finished with history, I called and requested to change online to the K12 Grade 5 US HIstory.

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