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My brother and his wife finally got their referral from China!

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Congratulations to your brother and SIL!!! Do they have an idea when they will be traveling to China? It's an incredible experience to hold your baby for the first time, especially after waiting so very long.




They will be going in 6 or 7 weeks. Her birthday is July 11 so they should be with her on her first birthday. My boys wish they could go with them. Our oldest just finished studying geography through Marco Polo's travels and our second is fascinated by the Great Wall. :001_smile:

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I can't imagine how hard the wait must have been. We waited 10 months from lid to referral for Abi. We then travelled 2 months later to get her.


For Aly, she was considered special needs because she doesn't have fingers on her right hand. So we did the referral first, then lid. The whole adoption took only 6 months.


Your family will be so blessed to have a new China sweetie! Congrats!

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