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ANyone used Michael Clay Thompsons poetry stuff?


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This is it. I found it via this board a while ago. I would like to use it with my 6th grader next year, but don't know where to start. The books aimed at 6-8 grade seem too heavy. The 3-4 or 4-5 grade books look great, but which one? If I go with the 4-5, Building poems book, will she miss topics covered in the 3-4 book?


She could probably *do* the 6-8 books fine, language arts are her strong suit, but I want it to be a gentle introduction to poetry. I want her to learn concepts, of course, but I do not think we need the depth provided in the 6-8 books right now.


ANyone used any of these? Reviews? They have a yahoo group I could join, but I thought I'd ask here first.

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I'm going to start my rising 6th graders in the 4-5 grade Building Poetry book. I looked at the 5-6 book, and it looked like it really assumed some prior knowledge of the things from the 4-5 grade book. They're both really meaty. I think with these books it's better to back up a bit. There are only 3 secondary levels, so even if we stick with it and did one a level a year from here on out, we'd still get through all the Magic Lens level books by 10th grade.


I'm actually starting them in the whole Town level, even though the grammar for them won't be difficult. But the other three books should be challenging, I think. They write well, but I think really focusing on the paragraph level will be a good thing. Till now they've done more big picture type writing that hasn't focused on the details as much.

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The samples leave this verbose mom speechless. Thompson's work appears to be on a higher level than other LA programs I've looked at and used.:lurk5:


Me too.


A heavy nail has been driven into the coffin of my search for a language arts program :tongue_smilie:


Should we sent a copy to Joy?:lol:



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If budget is not a concern, you might want to start with Music of the Hemispheres. It covers elements like meter, onomotopeoia, alliteration, and assonance. I have to say it was the hardest book among the Island series. But if your student has had some poetry background, you can probably start with the next level poetry book.


If you don't get many replies here, their Yahoo group is pretty active, I am sure you will get an answer there.

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