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Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood

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I just wanted to share some info about this organization. We've been members for a while, and they do really great work trying to limit the impact of commercial culture on children. For the most part, they fight against situations that basically force-feed commercial culture to children - - students being forced to listen to certain programs/stations on the bus or in school, for example, or the numerous junky toys and tv-related items in Scholastic Book Club. They will also protest ads and products that they think promote the early sexualization of children.



Sometimes I feel like my kids are just inundated with commercial culture and inappropriate ads, and we are home schoolers who don't watch a great deal of tv! It's got to be that much harder for kids in school.


At any rate, it seemed like something a lot of folks on this board would be interested in, so I thought I'd share the website:



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Thanks for this link! I'll check it our further. This has been an issue close to DHs and my heart for a while now.


Here's a very interesting (albeit frightening) book on the subject that was written a few years back...I read it when my youngest was about 9 months old. I did everything I could to keep the branding nightmare out of our home, have failed in some areas (Disney princesses...AAACK!), but we are working on it, and are aware of the seriousness of this targeting.


Born To Buy -- The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture by Juliet B. Schor.

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