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TWSS or Student Writing Intensive


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I did not need both. I bought both and only used the SWI. I did like the Tips & Tricks DVD that came with TWSS, but it's only $10 to buy on its own and it's not necessary.


For SWI-B, there are 15 lessons which last about 15-45 minutes each. If you schedule 60 minutes per week your student will usually have time to watch the video and get a good start on the assignment (and maybe finish it depending on the student's pace).

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Although you do not 'need' both, there is much teacher preparation that can only be had from the teacher training DVDs. I found it much easier to assist my children through the units only after I sat through the teacher training. I can't recommend the TWSS enough. What I found with my children was that watching the DVD's got them only so far and because it was a dvd lesson they had no interaction with Mr. Pudewa so any questions/problems they encountered were directed toward me. Once I watched the TWSS and got familiar and comfortable with each unit, I was better able to help them.


Plus, after you have gone through it and are very familiar and at ease with the units, you can resell it and recoup most of the cost. :)



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