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Christian Schools in the state of Washington.

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Hi everyone,


I am not sure if this is were I should post this question but I'm still new to this board. I will post this on the general board also.


My husband's ex-wife is relocating and she is wanting to put their son in a private school. We live in Oregon so we don't know anything about the schools in the Federal Way or Auburn area of Washington. I'm asking this group for some info on any of the schools in that area. The ex has looked at Brooklake, she thinks this is the best choice.

If anyone has any input to help us with this, I would really enjoy hearing about the schools in Washington, also the public schools in that area she stated he would be given a choice later if he wanted to stay in private school. He currently goes to Lighthouse Christian School in Gig Harbor.


Thank you for your help and input.


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I know this isn't what you asked but it is interesting to me. My daughter will be leaving Lighthouse Christian School in two weeks to homeschool! Small world. Is this due to a move or is she unsatisfied with LCS? Sorry I can't be of help...

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She is getting a divorce and moving closer to work, which is in Auburn. I personally think she should leave him in that school because it is the only stable place for him at this time. In the last two years he has lost his baby brother at 3months old and his grandfather just last Sept. But we cann't force her to stay in that area.

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