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I need a writing pad (for a pc) have you used one? can you review one?

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My kiddo had Singapore online now (Lovin' it!!) and a writing pad was in the list of suggested hardware to have. I didn't get it at first but now I'm thinking it would be a good idea. I looked around online and it seems that they range anywhere from $39 to $450.


Has anyone out there used one? Did it serve your purpose? What kind and how much? oh, and was it easy to use?


Thanks, guys!

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I"ve never been able to write well with any tablet i've had. Did they suggest anything in particular?


My Dad's expensive one (Intuos) is easier to write legible with than my cheap graphire - it's the surface material and quality of the pen.


I'd suggest you get a Wacom Bamboo, and buy it somewhere you can take it back if you aren't happy. I haven't played with the Bamboo to see what the writing surface is like though.


I should probably add, i've been using one to draw off and on for years, lots and lots of maps in my former day job. But actual writing so it was legible and looked like anything - just never worked for me.

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My dd13 has a Wacom Bamboo and it seems pretty good for the price. Freehand drawings done on it are very good and the writing she has done on it seems quite legible. There is a learning curve, though. I certainly haven't mastered it yet and when I write it looks dreadful,lol.




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