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How teacher intensive is Omnibus??

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You don't have to discuss everyday. We saved it up for maybe 3 or 4 times a week, depending on "life." Some of our discussion was just because I didn't always require ds to write out answers. On the other hand, some discussion questions were just something he could write out and hand in.

You also don't have to do absolutely every assignment. And, you can require, as I did, that answers be written out even for discussion questions, in order to prepare for that discussion.

Omnibus is REALLY easy to use,imo, because the answers (suggested answers, in some cases) are given to you--an essay should include *this* or here's what your child should cover in *this* discussion. This is one of my quibbles with Sonlight. There are also several tests, including quarter and semester exams. Sometimes, I used these as quizzes, shortening them to fit our purposes. We also didn't read every book, tho we covered a lot.

Love Omnibus--couldn't tweak it for this year, but really, it allowed us to study the Great Books, and that was pretty neat.

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We are enjoying TOG, and it has been a good year. I use the program lightly, we do the reading, geography, some timeline and then discussion & hand-on. I don't use the Student sheets very often anymore, nor do we use the vocab. That said, I like TOG, but I am entering a new phase and I would like to find something that my dd could use that wouldn't be so teacher intensive. I would like to see her taking more ownership and while I know that is possible with TOG I would love to find something that would be easier to do this with.

She will be in 8th grade next year, and really needs a push in this direction, so I'm considering other options.

Another reason is that I would love to spend an entire year on Middle Ages/ Ren & Reformation and TOG only spends 1/2 a year on that time period. I know I could tweak it, but again I would prefer something I don't have to tweak.


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Sorry, I wasn't clear. If I am finishing up TOG year 1 we will end at the birth of Christ, so I would want to pick up with Omnibus at the time of Christ or thereabouts. I was concerned that the breaks may be different with Omnibus, but it looks like I would be fine with Omnibus 2.



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