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My kids just love to read (the 2 oldest, anyway) and previous attempts at literature guides have not worked out because when they get into a book, they don't want to stop. I have just been making them write summaries for each "school" related book they read. These summaries have to include the title, author, genre, main characters, short description, and their opinion of the book. I know for my soon to be 8th grader, it is probably time to move to the next level. However, I don't want to dampen his enthusiasm by making him stop after every chapter to answer questions and discuss with me. What are your suggestions? I was thinking about Figuratively Speaking and just continuing on as we have been doing for this year, but I want to make sure he is prepared for The Great Books for 9th grade. Should I go with something like Lightening Lit?

Would love to hear some advice!


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I have my kids read the book all the way through before we start the lit guide. Then when we start the lit guide, I have them re-read the applicable chapters each week.
:iagree: Great idea, Thanks for sharing! I think that's what I'll do with dd. We got some lit/study guides from Queen Homeschool. They're not hevy at all, which will be good for dd. They certainly broaden the ideas though, so she'll learn much more about the area, the people, etc. from doing them!
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At the PHP table I picked up Essential Literary Terms by Hamilton, which I guess SWB endorses. Just looked useful to me. Also there's a Walch book Prose & Poetry some people have recommended here on the boards. We have the same issue, though with a younger grade student, so I've given up and just make her do the BJU Reading, like it or not. She's doing the Reading 6 now, and I tweak it, cutting out much of the Press-authored stuff, and giving her the whole source book to read on her own time. My tentative theory, and this is just a theory, is to do the BJU lit in the summers while we do Omnibus during the school years. We won't start Omnibus for another two years, but that's my theory. I like the variety and balance of the BJU lit, which I think will bring some humanity and levity to the extremely dense lit of Omnibus. I've bought most of the source books already for the BJU lit 7 and am pretty pleased with them. I think you could do the same thing, using the source books instead of just the parts in the text, and have a great year. Also, people about this level tend to start using WEM methods. Nan in Mass just had a great post on the high school board explaining how she implements WEM methods, if you want to go find it. My THEORY is to start using WEM methods now as I preread the Omnibus readings, so we'll see how that goes.

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