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Help with rooster problem--infection??

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I have a rooster that scared off a dog a couple of months ago. He lost some neck feathers, but didn't appear to have any wounds. Yesterday I noticed it looked like he had lost some more neck feathers but didn't think much of it. Today my husband looked at him more closely and said it looks like the holes (sorry; is there a technical name for them?) where the feathers go in are a little red and swollen. It also looked like there were some broken feather ends down at the neck that are still in the holes. I'm not 100% sure if it's related to the dog fight, but anyone out there have any ideas on if we need to do anything? And if so, what we should do? Thanks for any help...we love our rooster and don't want to lose him!!

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Has his behavior changed since the fight? Stress will sometimes set a bird back for a time (hens may stop laying), but i'd be more concerned if he was acting very lethargic, gone off his food, or was showing signs of infection (runny droppings, etc.). The feather loss could be a result of the fight. Could also be a result of mites which like to congregate around the neck, under the wings, and around the rear end (vent). Is your guy scratching a lot or shaking his head? Mites look like dust with legs and are best visible with a flashlight at night.



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