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If you have a mounted (on the wall) dry erase board, how did you mount it?

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Ours is a discard from a local University and we just screwed it into the wall. 1 screw at each corner, through the whiteboard. It seems pretty thick, so I don't know if it is the same as the type the sell at the office stores.


I personally hate easels. I usually end up tripping over the legs and everything gets messed up.

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I have a big piece of the tileboard on my wall and three smaller ones throughout the room. Can you tell I like whiteboards?


A couple of the small ones have 3m stickies on them but not strong enough for my big board. I don't think we could function without it for math and latin each day.


I have a smaller one by my desk that is hung with picture hangers because it had a couple of hooks at the top to hang it from.

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I bought a white magnetic strip at Staples that I stuck to the middle, top of my whiteboard. I have little magnetic clips that hold my markers and I glued a magnet from a "fridge magnet ad" onto the back of my eraser. Now, everything I need is on that one strip. Just love it!!

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is mounted on the wall with hangers they gave us. The frame of the whiteboard slides onto the wall hangers.




If you have young children, a whiteboard mounted on the wall is a MAGNET. And, I've heard, that "someone's" 3 yo colored on their walls. . . . .not that I'm speaking from personal experience ;)

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but I LOVE using the dry erase board I used an easel. When we weren't using the board I brought it down and put up various art books, prints, or paintings.




I would love to have one of the sliding door contraptions that universities have with a bulletin board on the front, that would slide over to reveal the dry erase board underneath.


But then I'm a huge geek.

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