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Charolotte Mason styled workbook for 2nd grade Language arts??


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I am looking for a Language arts workbook my ds can do on his own. I have spelling, writing, and handwriting figured out, but I need a light approach to grammar instruction. I'm not real concerned about him knowing verbs, nouns, ect right now, but dictionary skills, antonyms, punctuation ect I would like to have. I need something that I can just give to him and have him learn on his own for 2nd grade. He can read well. Help? BTW, I don't like Queen Homeschool Language Lessons. There's too much copywork stuff in there. TIA!


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Have you looked at Language Smarts from Critical Thinking Company? I don't think it is very Charlotte Mason like, but it does cover a wide range of grammar topics. It covers some of the things you mentioned not wanting, but it also covers all of the topics that you mentioned you wanted covered as well. I didn't like it at first, but the more I use the program I really like it. It has any where from 2- 10 pages per topic. My dd is able to complete most pages with little help from me. I plan on using it again for my son when he enters second grade. I think it is a good overview of grammar topics.



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