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do I remember that somone here used the MODG natural history course?

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I am wondering if this could be adapted for use with a younger student OR if there is anything similar to this program already in print for logic aged students.


There's been quite a flurry of discussion on the K-8 board about nature study, but I don't recall anyone mentioning a program that's already laid out, like the MODG syllabus.



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And there are several others, too, who have done it. Someone here recommended it to me, when I asked.


The drawing/nature journal piece, the project, and the reading would be fine for middle school (at least mine). The problems might come when you have to answer the questions for each chapter of reading. Those require that you see the overall purpose of what the scientist was doing in each chapter. My son had trouble doing this in 9th grade and I had to help him a lot at first. He did catch on after a while. He was notoriously slow at doing things like that, though, until he turned 17 and suddenly got better at them. His 13yo brother would probably have an easier time than he did, but I still think he might have trouble with the essay questions. It's packed away, or I'd give you a concrete example. I think it depends how much experience your child has had with answering essay questions that aren't just questions about the content of the reading. It might just be my particular children who struggle with this. I don't have anyone to compare them to, so it is hard for me to tell.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.


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I thought that was you. I seem to recall that you said something on the old board like, "we prefer our animals breathing" or something adorable like that.


I'm looking at a year of life science coming up. My boys are 5 years apart in age, so by the time the second one gets around to whatever subject, I can hardly remember what I did the first time round - I seem only to remember the frustrations we had! We used Oak Meadow with the oldest (6th grade) and I still have the materials. But this #2 son is just a different guy, and I think he would just totally dig something more like nature study or natural history.


Which is all a long way of saying thank you, because you really did help me start to think this through. Thanks for taking the time to weigh in. I appreciate this.



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