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Life can be so challenging

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I'm feeling suddenly sad. Earlier, in the "what's for dinner" thread, I posted about this crazy, no-prep dinner that I was planning. What I didn't say is that our kids are out tonight, so dh and I were planning to dine (picnic?) alone. What a concept. Maybe even watch a movie.


But, just now, my dearest homeschooling friend here called in a state of turmoil. I've known for some time that her husband has decided that he "no longer wishes to remain monogamous", so they are splitting up. I need not get into all that I know about their relationship, and why it is so very broken. Suffice it to say that I am devastated for my friend who has been married to this man for 20 years and with whom she has had four children. Her life is the nightmare that none of us wants to live. And, while I know that her personal strength and her religion will help her to get to the other side of this blackness, I am completely heartbroken for her in the meantime.


She wanted to know what I was doing tonight and was it a "date night" for me and my dh (she and hers used to spend every Friday night on a "date"). I said, "No", which wasn't exactly true, and I told her that I was available for whatever she felt she might most want. To come here, and have tea and conversation with my husband and me. For me to meet her out somewhere nearby. I hope she heard the truth in my voice when I said that her timing couldn't be more perfect because my kids were away. She was going to take a bath and call me back. I immediately called dh and told him that our evening alone might not play out. He was so understanding, so generous with me. His genuine love for me (and concern for her), to allow me to be with my friend, if needed, instead of spending precious time alone together with him. Well, it's all terribly sweet, and therefore, in this instance, unbelievably sad -- because my friend is losing exactly that sweet thing she thought she had.


There's no real response needed here. If you feel that you'd like to keep her in your thoughts, I'm a firm believer in collective hearts. I just needed somewhere to put these very difficult feelings I have right now.



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