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Recommendations for Preschool Music Theory and Piano Lessons


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My ds are 4 and 5 and they're very interested in playing my electronic keyboard. I've taken out my ancient piano books from my early piano lessons (eg. Leila fletcher, John Thompson) but they seem to find it too difficult. With so much writing on each page, they're having trouble focusing on the notes of the staff. They're more interested in playing the tunes they like (eg. Happy Birthday, Mary had a little lamb etc.).


I thought about putting together my own music sheet for them to follow, but it's been very time consuming for each song.


Also, I don't know if I should go with finger numbering the notes first, or teach them letter and note correspondence first, or both.


I'd appreciate comments of what program you've tried and seem to work and not work for preschoolers.


I'm also looking for any hands-on manipulative type of music theory learning. For example, where the treble cleff goes on the staff line, bass cleff etc. and any games that are available.

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We use Kinderbach, which is designed for ages 2-7. Ariel started it at 4.5 and loves it, so much so that she usually does 4 lessons a week instead of 2, at her request.


It's on the computer, is designed to be used with an electronic keyboard during the lesson and you print out coloring sheets. The beginning lessons have them doing games and learning about tempo and volume. As the child progresses they learn about fingering and note types (quarter, half, etc) and so forth.

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Thank you ladies, I will definitely look into your suggestions. While I was at the bookstore today, I saw a book by Scott Houston, and found out that he has a set of free printable songs on his website. They are those popular kids songs, eg. Twinkle twinkle, row row row your boat etc. I'm so happy that I can just print them out and I'll put some finger numbering underneath it and see if my ds will like it.


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