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If you are looking for fun children's art books...


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I don't know if these are mentioned before, but I found these recently. Ds, who has had ZERO interest in art, says these books are very good and they made him want to go to an art museum to see more.


All of these by Anna Nilsen:

Art Fraud Detective

The Great Art Scandal

Art Auction Mystery


The setup of these books are very similar, here is the editorial review of Art Auction Mystery:

"Grade 4-8–Following up on Art Fraud Detective (Kingfisher, 2000), Nilsen offers another opportunity for detail-oriented students to pore over fine works of art and solve a mystery. The night before an auction, Henry, the auctioneer, is sent an anonymous e-mail suggesting that 16 of the 34 paintings are fakes. He enlists readers' help by providing information on four gangs of forgers, including their level of expertise and how much they get paid for their copies. Readers are then asked to identify the fakes and figure out how much money the crafty collector paid for them. Henry suggests creating a spreadsheet to fill in all the relevant data. This is a complex task made more interesting by the addition of the mathematics component. The meticulous solution is provided at the end. The high-quality glossy paper allows for excellent reproductions of paintings by Whistler, Warhol, Fra Angelico, Cézanne, and Renoir, among others. The auction catalog itself shows the paintings above short biographies of the artists and includes a description of their style. There is also a smaller image of the actual work of art that readers can use to determine the authenticity of the piece. This is a nice browsing title even if students don't solve the mystery. If your library has budding sleuths who are ready for a more complex challenge and who like art, this is the book for them.–Linda M. Kenton, San Rafael Public Library, CA"

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