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What do you think of CLE LA in place of Shurley and Spelling Workout?

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Here I go again...still trying to figure out LA for next year....

tired of Shurley, Sp wkout is nice, but at level E dd needs to look up each one of the 20 words in a dictionary so she can do the busywork.

Is CLE comprehensive? Somewhat rigorous? Has diagramming?

And from what I see it would include spelling, grammar, penmanship?

I am looking at it for 5th grade level, we just finished Shurley 4 and SW E.

We are going to do CLE Lit next year for 2nd, 4th, and 5th. thanks!

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Gosh, I can't really help you, but someone needs too! :D


From all my investigations into CLE, I would say using their Reading and LA would fulfill all your requirements. The Reading does contain some Vocab. I will be using the Reading 7 this next year and I do not plan to add vocab to it. My ds will be learning a lot of vocab with his Latin program as well though. If that were not the case then I would probably continue with Vocabu-Lit(which he really enjoys) along side his CLE Reading.


Sorry I can be more helpful.

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