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which do you prefer?

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We really don't use very many workbooks if any here, but I am really feeling the need to include some sort of phonics workbook to reinforce and review skills--I have used ETC in the past and we like it well enough, but the appeal of color workbooks seems to be the preference here--can anyone chime in on comparisons, etc.?


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I prefer ETC, especially books 1,2 and 3. I have MCP 1 and haven't used it, although I might drag it out this summer. It introduces long vowels before consonant blends which I find odd and very hard to combine with all the other reading and phonics resources we use. FWIW, my kids like the silly pictures in ETC more than the full color photos in my Plaid Phonics (I know there are different editions, some have drawings instead of photos).


We used Plaid K last year along with ETC primers. ETC had more interesting activities and held ds's interest better. This year I'm only using ETC with dd.

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This year I used both with my first and second grader. I found that there were not enough of lessons in MCP to cover the entire year and in the beginning they worked multiple lessons. They have now finished their grade level of MCP and I put the first grader in ETC 5 and the second grader in ETC 5 1/2.


The advantage of MCP is that it reviews previously learned phonics while the advantage of ETC is that it seems to offer more in depth practice. I will continue having them work through different levels of ETC until the fall and then I'll put them into their corresponding grade level of MCP.


At the K level I had them do ETC since I felt that levels 1 & 2 of ETC were much simpler for them and that MCP was too busy and had too many sight words.

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