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Beautiful Feet History for High School?

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here are some conversations I found:




from BF website: http://www.exodusbooks.com/samples/BFB/BFB%20Credits.pdf




That said, I plan on doing the 2yr Sr High Amer History in 1 yr next year, and awarding 1 history and 1 literature credit (and supplementing with Perrine's Literature: Structure, Sound and Sense). We cover many literary terms through each year, so it covers what our local high school covers according to their syllabus.

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Actually this book was discussed quite a bit at the old high school board (you know, before they changed the boards to this format). Stacy L. of Canada was the one that mentioned this book quite a bit. I accidentally came across this book in my own house! My mother in law tends to shop at flea markets and would bring her textbook finds to me. She would pick them up for about a quarter. She bought an extremely old edition of Perrine's book, and after owning it for a year I came across it, recognized the title, and used it with my ds last year. I much prefer having my dc read whole books, but this textbook does a good job of literary analysis. My only drawback to it was that I did not have a teacher's manual. So that forced me to read the assignments and make up my own tests.



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and it was one of my favorite books and one of my favorite classes, I even kept the syllabus. We'll follow that loosely, but I really just want my kids to love literature, know the things it covers (elements of fiction, poetry, and drama). It's over 1400 pages of great information that we could never cover all of it.


FWIW, I looked into a teacher's edition/manual, and found that so many of the questions had vague answers (plus I have all my notes from my class) that it wasn't worth it for what I wanted to get out of it.




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Ancient History and US and World are the two senior packs that I have. I love the idea of these books! I just have struggled with how the books vary in reading level.


I thought of moving my 8th grader into the Ancient History book this 2nd semester, but when I pulled the study guide from the shelf, he'd already read Cat of the Bubastes, Daughter of the Nile, D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths, The Children's Homer, Augustus Caesar's World, and Caesar's Gallic Wars! LOL! Not a whole lot left!



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