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Vocabulary Vines vs. Vocab from Classical Roots

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Has anyone compared Vocabulary Vines to Vocabulary from Classical Roots? Also, because we've been using Spelling Power (we didn't love Spelling Workout in the early grades), I don't know if we should jump back to Spelling Workout G & H in preparation for Vocab study, do the prep books in Vocab from CR (books 4, 5, &6), or do Vocabulary Vines. There is only one book for VV unless you do science roots. Does that mean it isn't as in-depth as VCR? I have a 5th grader and 7th grader next year who are good spellers (Spelling Workout was way too easy for the grade levels suggested in 3rd grade).





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I know a lot of people love Classical Roots but it didn't work for us. I found that my DS did not retain the information. We switched to Vocabulary Vines and I personally much prefer it. It is more mastery orientated in my opinion. Classical Roots is more independant work because it is a workbook, where as with Vocabulary Vines we do it all together so we review and also play the bingo game. hth

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I own Vocabulary Vine and my dd9 has done VCR 4, so I can't necessarily compare them because I haven't used VV yet. VCR is a workbook so it is a different type of program and there are some definite benefits for it being able to be done independently, IYKWIM. My dd thought VCR was fun and easy, so I figured it couldn't hurt for her to do it!

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Roots and Fruits is very similar to Vocabulary Vine, but it has more roots.


I bought VCR a few years ago. Every time I pick it up to look at it, I'm turned off. It's typical multiple choice format in the exercises, and I felt like a lot of the answers were vague and unclear. I think it could be frustrating for my dc.


The e-book version is on sale for 11.25 right now. Here's a link:Roots and Fruits.


I should add that I haven't had time to sit down and do a thorough comparison, so there may be something fabulous about Vocabulary Vine that I haven't picked up on yet, but as of right now, that's what we're using next year.

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