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Ack, my ITBS supplier has bagged out on me. Is changing

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Not sure, we have been testing all week and I get an email today. Gasp!!


Seems I am going to get ours graded but only if I send it back sooon. Guess I'll be switching next year.


I would say I used the Woodcock-Johnson test at that age. It was really low stress and I found it helpful. Not so much as they get older but it was great in our early years. I had a lady that administered it in her home. You might look around in your area and find someone.

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NC has to test every year. I was scheduled to get our materials next week, so I'll be right in line calling Triangle tomorrow..........


If you can find someone to do the Woodcock Johnson, you get the scores right away, before you leave the session (or at least we did), so that might work well for you. My daughter did well with it (we used it in K-2nd grade).

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I was just going to say that, Jean. :D


Well, it is for both of us:).


I had such trouble with standardized tests when I was little (I worried too much), I want to get him used to the yearly thing. Last year he had a little fit when he figured out he didn't know everything in the whole wide world.


And I want to get used to this just being a part of things. I'm not jumping up and down about it, but tests do torque me a little, and I've learned that if I do things like this repeatedly, and make it routine, I do much better. I don't want my nervousness to infect him.


We are sending a M.O. off to get the CAT from Thurber's this morning.

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