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Looking for more warty folks

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Forgive me for re-posting, you who have already read this. We are hoping to find a few more people to participate in our study (DS was hoping for at least 100 :eek:) Here's part of the story from my original post:


My dear little 4 yod has warts. Lots of them. We've tried many, many treatments.


Recently, I heard about using raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar to treat warts. The instructions were to wet a cotton ball and bandage it on overnight. (Take it off in the AM and wash well!) After just 2 treatments, dd's warts are blackening and drying. I'm not SURE it will work, but nothing has ever shown this kind of results.


At dinner tonight we were talking about how wonderful this was, and ds 10 asked, "Why didn't the doctors tell us about this?" My dh (who is a scientist) said (in a nutshell), "Doctors only tell us about things that have been studied scientifically, and no researcher is going to study apple cider vinegar, 'cause there's no profit to be made." This lead to a discussion about how trials are set-up, and ds decided that he wants to set up a trial to test the efficacy of apple cider vinegar as a treatment for warts.


Want to be in his trial? If you plan to try the treatment, please post here, and I will email or PM you a short list of questions.


If it makes a difference, we've found plenty of anecdotal stories online about plain (supermarket variety) white and apple cider vinegar working too, so you probably wouldn't have to make a trip to a health food store.


We will follow up in 2-3 weeks to log your results.

You have nothing to lose but your warts!!

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