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Handwriting problems


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I'm trying to find a handwriting program. I tried HWT and her handwriting actually got worse as the year went on. I think it's the single line thing.


She's 5, needs help with correct letter formation and sizing, and spacing.


Any suggestions?

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Work on formation and get that down solid before worrying about sizing or spacing. It's just too much to think about all at once.


For letter formation, I like using mini-chalkboards. I've never used HWT - I use Cursive First, and it explains the strokes in detail. I write a letter LARGE on the chalkboard, and verbalize the strokes as I trace slowly. Then I verbalize the strokes as dc trace.


Only after the dc can trace the letter well...and remembers it days later...and then writes it herself on the board.....do I take it to paper. Then I do the same process...trace with finger and verbalize the strokes.....trace with pencil.....then write by herself.


By verbalizing the strokes I mean "start at 2 O clock and go around like a zero, stop at 2 O clock and go down to the baseline." (that's for a lowercase "a"......that works for cursive or print LOL)


She's still young - she may not be physically ready for pencil/paper writing and that's OK. You can't go wrong teaching the strokes and formation on chalkboards, tracing in sand, outside with sidewalk chalk, etc... Be a stickler for having a proper grip now;) and what she knows (letter formation) will come together with physical development and she will blossom into a little writer.


...said by mom of ds6 who is writing well (for a 6yo LOL) inspite of fm delays.


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