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Made it through surgery...

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This has been a much harder surgery than the mastectomy. The entire time I was in the hospital I had to pretty much keep my arms to my sides, only moving them from the elbow dowen. This was to protect the new breast flaps that they had harvested from my abs. Try getting out of bed when you have incisions hip to hip and you cannot use your arms. It was miserable.


My blood preassure was low...something like 88/50 (I usually only run 120/60), my heart rate too high and my hymogoblins (I know I didn't spell that right) were low and so about the 2nd morning after my surgery they wanted to give me blood. I told them NO! and called my dh. He called my pastor and they prayed for me.


About 3 hours later my doctor came in. I asked her if she thought I needed blood. She said no, that my vitals were fine. Minutes later they came and took my blood preassure again and guess what...my blood preassure had gone up enough to where they were satisfied...and steadily went up until by the next morning I was normal. I was so thankful and I knew that God had touched me.


I'm still weak, but feeling much, much better. I get to go to the doctor today and hopefully get some of these drains out. I have six of them and they are very uncomfortable.


I am not allowed to lift anything over 5 lbs for a MONTH! I'm not allowed to raise my arms for another couple of weeks. And I have to sleep in a recliner so that I'm not flat on my back and so that I do not roll over on my side. All of this is to protect the new breast flaps.


I'm so glad my kids are older (9, (almost) 13, 16) they are helping me keep dishes and clothes caught up. Not very cheerfully though. :glare:


And...by the time I'm all healed I'll be due ANOTHER surgery ...this one not as hard and more for cosmetic reasons.


Anyway...I think I'm at least halfway back to normal. Thanks everyone for praying for me and thinking of me through all of this. You have been wonderfully supportive and I appreciate it.



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Wow! I had a lumpectomy in March with one drain and I thought that was bad. I can't imagine six! Based on my experience, I know you are not sleeping well.


So sorry that you have to go through this. Take each day at a time. Back in March, I thought the first ten days post surgery would never end, but now I look back and they are just a little blip on the radar screen. I pray it goes fast for you.


Eat lots of veggies and fruit to promote healing. And try to take some antioxidants too.


Prayers going out to you.



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Glad to here that you are back home and healing.

Isn't it wonderful how prayer really works!


Let me know how you handle not lifting more than 5 pounds... when I have my surgery this summer I'll be limited to 1 pound the first 2 weeks and then 5 pounds for at least a month...


Take care of yourself... I'll be praying that your children will suddenly develop a more positive attitude toward helping!



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:grouphug: Rhonda, I've been praying for you, too. I'm glad you made it through surgery OK; just make sure you get plenty of rest and follow all of the doctor's instructions. My dh had surgery 1-1/2 years ago, and he also could not lift anything over 5 pounds and was not allowed to raise his left arm. He had to keep that arm almost completely immobile. He was very weak for a while. So----just make sure that you rest, OK?


I'm praying that you'll also get all the help that you need with things around the house. :grouphug:

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I'm praying for you! I had no idea that kind of surgery was so awful, it sounds very cruel after having to undergo a mastectomy too.

Many, many hugs to you :grouphug: :grouphug:


Well...it is a pain, but not really painful. For pain all I am taking is Tylenol 3 w/ codine, ibuprofen and some flexeril. I hardly even take the tylenol. The worst pain is back pain which is from having to walk hunched over a bit due to my hip to hip incisions.


I'm counting on it all being worth it in the end.


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Wow! I had a lumpectomy in March with one drain and I thought that was bad. I can't imagine six! Based on my experience, I know you are not sleeping well.


I just went to the doctor and I am now down to two drains (one in each hip). I feel much better already!


I hope things are going well with you too, Amy.





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