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For those who have a baby and a preschooler can you show me what your day looks like?

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My baby is 4 months old and we are just now trying to get back into the swing of things. I'm so disorganized right now that I spend half the time looking for things. I think it would help me greatly if we tried to have some resemblance of a schedule. So, if you don't mind sharing what your day looks like I would really appreciate it! Thanks :)

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It is actually easier with the older dc (oldest is 10yo), as they sometimes play with the ps and the baby. But, here is our loose routine. An hourly schedule does not work for us, so a loose routine keeps us going.


Each of the 4 school-age dc have their own assignment checklist to accomplish and we do the following as a family: We start morning prayers at 8am then we have breakfast (I do bible and character stories and poetry while they eat), kids do chores while I nurse and feed baby, then older kids do ind. work while I do ps with 4yo (baby plays in playpen usually), then baby naps while I do 1st grade with twin 7yo's (4yo plays ind. or computer time), then I do MFW ECC with 8 and 10yo while others do ind. work or free time. Then it's usually about lunchtime, I feed baby, we do read-alouds, and then it's quiet time for an hour or two (yeah!!). Any catch-up is done in the p.m.


Also, you might want to check out Managers of their Homes. It was really helpful to me. HTH


Kim in TN (used to be in NV)

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I have a 7 yo dd, 4yo ds, 2 yo dd and a 9 month old dd. I plan our day into blocks of time. From 8-12, we have breakfast ( I read from the bible during this), we do Bible, Latin and Math, and a outside break( baby takes a nap at 11 so I try to fit outside in there). Lunch is right around 12:00. After lunch and quick clean up we go on to our next block 1-4. We finish school, I do preschool with the 4 yo, another outside time, and clean up the house. From 4-5 we play or watch cartoons( this is the only time the TV comes on during the day, otherwise my 4yo turns into a TVzombie). I start dinner around 5:30. After dinner it is bath, storytime and bed by 8:00.

i tried an hour to hour schedule but it drove me crazy. Doing blocks of time really has been great. I am a checker-offer (LOL) so I like to have my schedule printed with everything marked off for the day. Hope this helps!

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I would say most days are challenging, and just when I have some rhythm, something changes - someone gets cranky, someone gets sick, someone starts getting mobile (hee hee!)..... But here's what I aim for:


Up anytime they want, but must do chore list (eat, dress, bed made, teeth brushed and one other house chore) and be ready to start by 8:30am. I am usually up around 7 or 7:30, helping the youngers, and/or myself, and reading email, planning the day, throwing in laudry, etc.


The kids then start with their school lists at 8:30 (DS8 and DD6 have lists, DD3 knows her options and that she must be in my sight doing puzzles, play-doh, coloring, looking at books, etc. - she's ornery, and can't be left unattended!) I attempt to set baby in high chair with toys, in exersaucer with toys, or pack n play with toys. If he'll settle down and be content, we do "together work" (all of the list is labeled either I (independent) or H (with help)), usually starting with Bible, Language Lessons, History, or something like that. If he won't, I tend to baby, and the older kids dig into their "I" work (like handwriting practice, or math if it's an easy day/lesson, even Spelling Workout, or something like that). The minute babyDS is down for a mid-morning nap we snap into gear and do together work to take advantage of them time he's asleep.


Since DD6 has a "lighter" schedule, she's usually done by 11 or 12. We usually have lunch around that time. I can then send her off w/ DD3 upstairs to play (She will tell me if DD3 is getting into anything, and they tend to play well together.)


After lunch, I can then finish things with DS8 like science experiments, history, Prima Latina, or other things that require me to help him. BabyDS usually has another nap late in the day, which we can take advantage of if need be, but DS8 hates to do work at that point b/c all of the neighborhood kids are home from school and he wants to play. Latin is usually the thing that gets set aside and not done if babyDS has not allowed us enough free time.


That's it I guess. Gotta run b/c baby's crying, but I will expand more if you want/need.


GL! - Stacey in MA

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Ages: 11ds, 9ds, 7dd, 5ds, 3dd, and 13modd. (And I'm 14 wks pregnant)


We wake by 7:30, eat breakfast generally at the same time.

All morning chores- beds, dress, teeth, and kitchen clean up are done by 8:30.


The older three start on independent work (spelling or math) while I do preschool work with the younger 3 dc.


At 9am we stop for devotions.


9:30 the oldest watches the 13 mo and 3yo so I can work on phonics with 7yo in private.


10am we snack and read poetry.


After snack: 7yo does copywork, ETC, or math mostly independently but I am always available to answer questions.


The older two continue with independent subjects until they are all checked off the list.


During this time, I do chores, games, laundry with the baby, 3yo, and 5yos "help". All the time stopping to answer questions as needed.


They get a little free time before lunch if they've completed their work appropriately.


Lunch, read alouds, and clean up.


******Naps for all three younger children are mandatory! I arrange my entire schedule in order to have the baby and preschoolers sleeping simultaneously. ******


Afternoon subjects are History with written narrations and vocabulary, and Science.


This still leaves me about 30 of quiet room time before naps are over.


After naps they play outside, come in and straighten the house, we prep for dinner.


Our family read aloud comes after dinner and baths.


Note: Our schedule changes frequently. Sometimes, because the little ones are playing incredibly well or the baby takes an early nap, I will do history before lunch. I have learned to take advantage of teachable moments (and I don't mean in the sense of a child being ready to learn. I mean I have a moment to teach!).


I don't think this was very unique or helpful. But if you have any other questions, let me know.



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My oldest DD is 4 1/2, and we're doing something close to a K4 curriculum. The youngest DD is 14mos old.


I try to hold off going in to get them until 8am. But DD2 keeps getting up bright and early and yelping for attention. This usually wakes up DD1, who is across the room. But if I can get some food and a LOT of tea into me first, it helps.


As the DD's eat breakfast, I do phonics with DD1. We use OPG, but I copy the words down into a spiral-bound book of index cards. Every time she gets a card correct, she gets a star. After ten stars, she gets a BIG star across the whole page, and she's finished with it. It's casual, yet procedural.


Often, we have somewhere to go in the a.m. Might be Spanish, might just be to the gym (appx 3X/wk). Our gym has an amazing kid-care place. One day a week, there's a mommy & me music thing that DD2 & I do together. Otherwise, I drop them off to play with other kids for about 1 1/2 hours while I exercise and interact with the world. Some of those days, there's a class for DD1 -- ballet, tap, whatever. That's usually about 10ish-12ish.


Home for lunch. Then put DD1 in front of a Spanish-language Dora DVD while I change and put DD2 down for a nap.


Once DD2 is napping and Dora is over, DD1 and I go downstairs and do school. If she's cooperative, we knock out piano practice, handwriting and a Saxon Math lesson.


Then it's quiet time in M&D's room for DD1. God-willing, she dozes off for a while while DD2 is napping too. Otherwise, it's a lot of "mom! is my time up yet? how about now? how about NOW?"


As they both get up and moving again, it's playtime, reading time, whatever time. If there's an afternoon gig, (e.g. Art class @ 4pm on Thursdays), we take off for that, maybe pick up DH from work if he needs a ride, etc.


Hope that helps.:)

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