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My grandbaby has already "graduated" from the NICU to Special Care

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He is 3 lbs 7 oz (lost a few ounces since birth), but has had to have no oxygen at all since his birth. Stepson's gf (baby's mama) is young (18) but pumping diligently to give the baby breast milk (and she wasn't really wanting to do this, but is now doing it with gusto). He has gone from eating 8cc at a feeding to 25. He had his IV removed 2 days ago and is getting all of his nourishment from the breast milk (bottles twice/day with breast milk and tube feeding the other times to keep him from getting so tired).


I'm just amazed at the strength and will of this teeny baby boy, and pretty proud of his young (formerly considered totally irresponsible and immature - and not just due to an unplanned pregnancy) parents.


Thanks for any and all prayers that were said on his behalf. It won't hurt to continue them when you have a moment. We want this baby home with his family!!

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He's just precious! He has gained a couple more ounces over the last couple of days. He will be in the special care for a few more weeks I'm sure. They did have to give him something today because his heart rate kept randomly dropping from about 130 to 50/60. It happened yesterday when I was there, and was happening often enough that they gave him something today.


Other than that, he is just really doing amazingly well. He is right at 32.5 weeks gestation right now and the nurses have been very encouraging about how good he is doing.


Thanks for any continued prayers for his progress.

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