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R&S ordering questions please...


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I'm making the switch to R&S writing/grammar (from CW) grade 5 for both my dc (twins). My question: do they each need their own textbook or would one suffice? I don't mind ordering two if each child needs his/her own.


Also, what site do most order from?


Thank you,


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The books are non-consumable, so you could get by with one. They just couldn't do grammar at the same time.


The way I teach R&S, though, I would be tempted to order two. We do a lot of it orally. I read from the teacher's book, while the dc follows along in his book. I guess they could always look off the same book, though.


R&S doesn't have a website. You can order it from a few different sites, but I've always just called R&S directly. There very friendly and I always get good service.

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