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Help! Our above ground pool is leaking

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Pool was fine all winter, but over the weekend as we were cleaning it I think the liner must have gotten a hole somewhere. Is there any hope? I just spent the afternoon in the pool looking for the blasted thing with a syringe of dye and nothing :glare:


PS: It's cold in NJ smiley-gen125.gif

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You are opening your pool?? You are a polar bear! :) I don't even look at it till May.


The only way we ever find a hole in the liner is with goggles and patience. The other areas to check are near skimmers. If the liner gets pulled there, it will leak. If you can't find it, let the water go down for awhile and see if it stops. If it does, you know the leak is above that level. Just be very careful not to empty the pool or the liner will quickly shrink and you will have to replace it.


Hope you find it quickly!

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More than likely, it is on the bottom if you had debris in the pool. Chances are it is within a short distance of the "scoop up" point. Dragging the rake to the side and pulling up will cause things like sticks to snag. Otherwise, walk around the pool. If you are on a rather level ground, find where the ground is most saturated. Start your inspection there.


It might be the ladder. Check around and under the ladder. I put a bathmat under the ladder because of two punctures there.


I have done this so many times - hole searching.


Note: Liners are cheaper online.


We are opening up now too.

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This is an old thread, bumped up by a spam post. I'm in the same state as Karen, and I really hope she's not opening her pool yet! (Though it IS supposed to be over 60 degrees here today :svengo:)


(And ants, of all things, caused the multiple holes in our pool liner. We treated the sand underneath and everything has been fine since then :D)

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