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Question about Sonlight Core 200

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I was looking into purchasing the literature section of Sonlight Core 200. I have not used them for highschool level and had a question. Do they have comprehension questions for their highschool level readers? I noticed that they do no have a seperate reader schedule for this core's literature. Would I have to purchase the main core?

I need to find a way to hold my highschooler accountable in her literature. She has a bad habit of not reading carefully. The younger level comprehension questions have really helped me decide if she is truly reading it or not. I am now looking for the same type of thing for highschool.


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I'm selling this whole set if you're interested in it.

Used 9 weeks only, one book in bad shape, the others like new. (that lone book was left on the swing in a rainstorm)


email me if interested

6 halfs at gmail

dot com

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