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Where does Truthquest lie on the "providential history" spectrum?


-Sarah (from lurking)


Spectrum? Well, it is definitely from a Judeo/Christian perspective, and repeatedly refers to history as HIStory. There are TQ guides for ancients through modern history.


TQ does not preach "Christian nation" in its American history, but does focus on the Judeo/Christian traditions that guided America's settlement and founding. For instance, she does not say that all the founding fathers were Christian; she does refer to those who held to a deist philosophy, or no faith at all. She does focus on the desire of the explorers to spread the gospel, but doesn't hedge from addressing the bad that was inflicted on native peoples by the settlers. All in all, a fairly balanced presentation, but from a Christian worldview.


I'm not sure what the author's theology is, but you could check at the website: www.truthquesthistory.com


What we like about it is that the author's perspective is different than what you might find reading traditional history commentaries, so there is much food for thought and discussion. We don't always agree, but we feel it is good for the kids to look at all angles, and then come to their own conclusions (especially in the older grades).

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