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Cook Yourself Thin

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Some of you may have heard about this new Lifetime series. We recently got tv service so we're checking things out. This one is a keeper :) I record each episode. Well, I am glad I caught some of the episodes, but now that I get the point, I think I could just use the recipes off the website.


Anyway, full episodes are available at lifetime.com Also, all the recipes. What is good is that they do 3 meals (some are dessert or snack) so in a week, you get almost a two week menu!


Well, we've tried a handful of the recipes now and we're glad for some different things but also because the calories are SO cut down (and actually, there is room for some additional calorie/fat cutting on many).


The whole idea is to enjoy the foods you like but do so without the calorie loading. Many times, they are taking 3 meals worth 2500-4000 calories and cutting it down to 1300! I do wish they had a bit more information like fat/carb/protein/fiber content on the website.


Just thought someone might be interested :)

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Sure :)


Seriously, I'm a yo-yo dieter. I have tried EVERY diet (hcg, atkins, ww, raw foods, etc). For the first time in my life, I'm JUST eating healthy. I'm not depriving myself of ANYTHING. I simply am making better choices.


The first week, I did need to count calories in order to make sure I got over 1300 (because when I eat healthy, I tend not to eat enough), but since? I'm just LIVING.


And steadily losing....with no extreme effort, no depriving myself.


It's SO freeing.


The show just started last week but it feels like another piece to keep things nice for me :)

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