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Rod & Staff, A Beka, others? I need advice on curriculum for next year.

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I'm thinking of going back to school next year for a second undergraduate degree. If I do, I will need a more workbook-based homeschooling program for my 3 younger dc. I have tried a couple of the A Beka products in the past..... some of it, I liked. Much of it was too "text-bookish", if ykwim....


I have not tried R & S, but have heard good things about their products, especially grammar.


Math is covered. Bible is covered. Spelling is covered.


So I really need reading, writing (penmanship and composition), grammar, history, and science. (Did I forget anything?)


My dc will be in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade. I have used mostly VP and Shurley Grammar to this point. But I just won't be available to teach and to read aloud as much as I have been in the past. VP, imo, is teacher intensive, and quite challenging. That worked great for my oldest dd, but it has not worked that well for my 3 younger dc. I need to set out a schedule for them, and have them work for up to an hour (while I go to class) without a lot of teacher involvement......


Thanks for any input. I appreciate your ideas! :bigear:

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R&S is an excellent program, and lessons can be done independently with older children. (My son is 9 and could probably do the lessons on his own.)

There are 125 lessons in R&S (if I remember correctly.) which makes completing the book in a school year easily accomplished. It is not in a workbook format, which isnt a big deal for us.. but it may be for some. They do sell a supplemental workbook that covers a few of the harder lessons. It's only 2.50. I highly recommend it for additional practice. This curriculum is very pocket book friendly.


Abeka is one of my favorites as well. Colorful workbooks and a solid grammar program. The price for the workbook, TM, answer key, and charts is pretty steep. For more bang for your buck go with R&S.

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I see that you also use Sonlight. How do you compare SL to R&S? My sense is that SL is pretty teacher intensive. Am I right? Does SL have reading comprehension as part of its program? I did just order their catalog, but I'd love to have your take on it......


After 9 years of homeschooling, I'm ready to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.......

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Sorry I just saw your question. Sonlight is very teacher intensive since a lot of it is read aloud to your children. They do have comprehension questions to check for understanding. As well as map work, and timelines that go along with whatever you are reading.

A Sonlight core is basically just history, geography, reading and timeline work. Then you can add (buy) other subjects like science, math and language.

I wouldnt trade Sonlight for the world. Learning through living books is amazing. The Instructors Guides are so well planned and laid out. LMK if I can help answer any more questions. I've only used cores 1 and 2 so far, but from what I hear all of the cores are good.

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