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Megawords...How to use it?

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I received my order of Megawords on Saturday and spent some time reading the teacher's manual about the theory and steps of Megawords. I'm a little confused on how I'm supposed to schedule the pages and how long each lesson should take. Could someone tell me how they use it and how it works for them? Thanks for the help in advance!

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We are in book 7 now and ds uses it very independently. He does a page a day, and we only use it during 2nd semester. I do the pre-test and the post-test (for the book), check over his work, test at end of the list with 10 reading, 10 spelling, and 1 minute reading. There is an occasional page that needs dictation or spelling tested as well. Each list takes us 2-3 weeks to complete.


I think that the first book is most important to guide/supervise your student while they are learning how to break apart words into syllables and the different ways to do that.


Also, ds skipped many of the reading pages in the earlier books because he tested out when I used the pre-test. The TM tells which pages focus on reading, spelling, and vocabulary.


HTH! Some people do more testing, but I haven't found that we have needed more than what is directed in the book. Sometimes, ds does not do well testing at the end of the list, then I will continue testing those words for a few weeks until they are mastered.


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