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Where do I go with my budding poet?

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My tenth grader son made me a charming Mother's Day card and inserted a beautiful and touching poem inside. I assumed that he had cut it out from another card or printed it off from the Internet but when I asked him about it, he said that he wrote it himself. I also just read a wonderful poem he wrote in Facebook. He writes stories there too. I haven't really taught him much writing as I don't really feel comfortable with it but now I can see that he should get some guidance and instruction. I'm afraid that I might squash any interest or talent if I try to go about it myself. Can you recommend a good resource, either online or a book that my son can do on his own? What kind of writing does he need to learn? He can write a coherent essay if he knows what to write. I think he needs instruction in style, don't you think?

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I highly recommend Stephen Fry's The Ode Less Travelled for a high school student who is already a poet but needs direction in style. I also recommend you buy him books of poetry, particularly anthologies, so he can read classic poetry and learn to emulate their style.


As far as general writing instruction, do you do any formal curriculum for high school English? He certainly needs to learn to edit and write a good paper, and will need guidance on how to tell the difference between good writing and bad. :)

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