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  1. Does anyone have a suggestion for evaluating progress in LOF Calculus? My son is doing well on the problems (self-study), missing very few. But I need to evaluate his current progress compared with traditional Calculus study. Any advice is welcome.
  2. Good Afternoon Often toted as the “1960’s” natural extension to the Dolciani series is Limits; a transition to calculus (1966) by O. Lexton Buchanan May I ask if anyone who has experience using this text could recount there experiences. I am able to find true text still available but I have been unsuccessful in finding a description or a even a Table of contents. It’s the “transition to calculus” that gives me pause and questions. Is this best classified as a “preCalculus text”? Or given the era it was published in might it be better classified as introductory calculus? Thank you.
  3. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Description SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICES. Smoke free home. PayPal vendor preferred. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Latin: Wheelock's Latin. 6th edition. Very good condition. $5 Wheelock's Latin Grammar. 4th Revised. This is a standalone book of exercises for various grammar topics. Has answers in back. Like new, but pages have some yellowing. $5. First Form Latin Teacher Manual and Answer Key Set. $15. I will also include the partial test set I have left. We never used a Student Book. You would need to add the workbook. Used. Second Form Latin Set. New. TE, Answers, Quizzes & Tests, Pronunciation CD and Student Workbook. (The student text is reprinted in the TE, so isn't strictly necessary). $40 Minimus Secondus. Good condition. $7 Math & Science: Dolciani Algebra Structure and Method Set. 1975. Textbook and softcover answer key. Good condition, some marking on inside. $10 Saxon Algebra 2 second edition student text and solutions. Includes a print out of the homework problem lesson reference. Used with some edge fraying. Solid spine and clean inside. $25 for set. Oak Meadow Integrated Health and Fitness. TE, Student book $50. Textbook also available for the cost of shipping. Memoria Press Prentice Hall (Smith) Algebra 2 set. Text, Solutions, TE, Quizzes and Test with key. $75 Holt Geometry Burger with Teacher One Stop. Student edition is used with some marker writing inside the cover. $75 (I have other components in storage. Please inquire if interested). Zumdahl World of Chemistry set 1st edition. TE and Student text. $20. Sullivan Precalculus 4th edition PreCalculus with Solutions. (Book for Derek Owen's course). Dinged edges and corners, otherwise good used. $50. Larson PreCalculus with Limits with Limits and Solution Manual. Some pencil writing inside. Works with Chalkdust-type videos and can be lined up with the Larson website. Larson Calculus of Single Variable 8th edition. $5. Language Arts IEW Windows to the World Literary Analysis. TE. Good used condition. $10. I have two copies of the student book, both with some writing, that I will include for the cost of shipping. The teacher needs a Student copy to know what the student book says, it isn't reprinted in the TE. Lightning Lit Early American Set. Student Book, TE, and 4 novels; Ben Franklin, Moby Dick, Scarlet Letter and Frederick Douglass. I've taught with these for two different co-op classes, so the covers and spine show some wear, and there are a few notes in margins and such. $25 set. Lightning Lit Mid-Late American Set. Student Book, TE, and 3 of the 4 novels; Red Badge of Courage, Huck Finn, Call of the Wild (these are very used paperback novels). I've taught with these for two different co-op classes, so the covers and spine show some wear, and there are a few notes in margins and such. $20 set. Misc So You Really Want to Learn French. Book One Student and Answers. $8. Soft covers in very good condition. ADD ON ITEMS- Already buying something? Add these on. Just want one of these? Add a dollar to the price (plus shipping). Warriner's English Grammar and Compositon. 3rd Course (9th grade) Student Books. $2 each. I have one from 1997 and one from 1982. I used these for a co-op class. Some of the Catholic providers have answer keys relatively inexpensively. Lively Art of Writing. I have three of these (co-op class). $1 each. There is a free workbook/ answer file linked from WTM forums.


  4. Has anyone used DeMana et al Precalculus from Pearson? Opinions? Regular or advanced?
  5. Copied from their announcement on Facebook two hours ago. "Our Calculus course has been approved as an AP Calculus BC course! This is an official recognition by The College Board that our Calculus course meets or exceeds the expectations colleges and universities have for this subject, and grants students permission to use the "AP" designation for our Calculus course if it's listed on their transcript. However, do note that AP exam preparation still won't be the primary focus of our Calculus course. Students planning to take the AP Calculus BC exam after completing our course will also need to arrange to take it at their school or another nearby brick-and-mortar school – you can learn more about how to register for AP exams on the College Board's website" It is also stated on their course page https://artofproblemsolving.com/school/course/calculus ETA: Received an email from student services to say the June 2016 class is included as well in the approval.
  6. I just recently purchase a copy of Jacobs elementary algebra for DD13 because I had read that because it is so incremental it eliminates the need for a pre algebra program. My oldest DD has not until just this past year ever talked of learning calculus, but after reading on coolmath.com she thinks it looks like fun. So, is there a calculus book that moves incrementally enough that I wouldn't need to purchase a pre calc book? Thanks for your suggestions! :bigear:
  7. "We’re excited to announce updates to the AP Calculus AB and BC courses and exams, taking effect in the 2016-17 school year. ... What AP Calculus students should know and be able to do will be more clearly defined, in the enduring understandings, learning objectives, and essential knowledge statements outlined in the curriculum framework in the AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC Course and Exam Description, Effective Fall 2016 (.pdf/5.92MB). The updated courses will place an increased emphasis on conceptual understanding through the Mathematical Practices for AP Calculus (MPACs): reasoning with definitions and theorems, connecting concepts, implementing algebraic/computational processes, connecting multiple representations, building notational fluency, and communicating. Each concept and learning objective that will be addressed in the updated courses can be linked to one or more of these MPACs. No topics will be removed from the AP Calculus program, and the following topics will be added:L’Hospital’s Rule will be included in AP Calculus AB. The limit comparison test, absolute and conditional convergence, and the alternating series error bound will be added to AP Calculus BC." More details and sample on webpage https://advancesinap.collegeboard.org/stem/calculus
  8. I'm looking over options for home schooling calculus. We'd like something for 11th grade and DS would like to take the AP Calculus BC test. He finds AoPS frustrating (likes an explanation first then problems rather than trying them first as in AoPS), yet doesn't want something that's just a drill of exercises. So we're somewhere in the middle: a little beyond the minimum for the AP Calculus BC test, but not much. (FYI, I can answer questions if DS has them, but he prefers using a text.) In looking over a number of texts and reading the pinned High School Math thread on the WTM board, I'm considering Paul Foerster's Calculus and bought the text, although I'm by no means set. Here are my thoughts on some of the texts listed on the pinned thread: Anton, Davies and Bivens: This looks like a possible alternative Apostol: Too challenging given DS background in proofs and maybe too proofs focused for DS interest AoPS: Too challenging/frustrating although the text looks elegant to me when I took a quick look Larson and Edwards, Calculus of a Single Variable: Seems too calculation focused. MIT Open Courseware: Looks like a possibility but DS prefers a book rather than lecture focus Saxon: Only through AB and probably too mundane for DS. Spivak: Too challenging and too proofs focused for DS interest Stewart: Seems a bit dry and with problems too heavily physical science and engineering focused (we like more variety). I may be off the mark on some of these comments by looking at an earlier version of a text, looking at unusual problems, etc. BTW, I have several older calculus books lying around. Although it's not necessary for us to get an AP-approved syllabus, we want to be sure to cover what's needed for the test (and be aware where we're covering topics not on the test). There's a list of reviewed texts at the College Board website, and Foerster is not on it. (Actually, of the list on the pinned thread, only Anton, Larson, and Stewart are on it, but most, if not all, would basically work.) Has anyone used Foerster's Calculus basically for self-teaching? Anton? The MIT Open Courseware? Any other recommendations? Thanks!! ETA: There are upcoming apparently modest changes for AP Calculus starting with the 2016-17 school year, as described in this WTM thread linked here.
  9. Free 180 page report in PDF link on webpage http://www.maa.org/programs/faculty-and-departments/curriculum-development-resources/national-studies-college-calculus Interesting for parents thinking of DE. Also data on AP Calc AB and Calc BC kids survival in Calc 1.
  10. I have bookmarked Jerison's fall 2010 video lectures but would like to make sure just in case I am missing something. http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-01sc-single-variable-calculus-fall-2010/ (by Jerison but this URL says fall 2010) http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-01-single-variable-calculus-fall-2006/index.htm (by Jerison but this URL says fall 2006) http://ocw.mit.edu/resources/res-18-006-calculus-revisited-single-variable-calculus-fall-2010/ (by Gross, fall 2010) There also some materials by Strang here: http://ocw.mit.edu/high-school/mathematics/ Also, have you had luck pairing the course with Stewart's textbook instead of using the textbook in the OCW syllabus? Just trying to save a few $$ since I already have Stewart's book at home. Thanks in advance!
  11. We've been having our noses to the grindstone and now dd is just finishing Precalculus (one semester block using Foerster) in preparation for starting AP Calc AB in the next couple of days (for the test in May)...I realize this is a bit late for the question but perhaps it will help others be better prepared... There's not really any way around it, but it seems she has a B which makes me worry about readiness (or should I not be?)... But then I wonder what the 'body' of Precalc really is because in the recent past we had some long rabbit trails which turned out to be meaningless. Ie she spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do problems, for which I couldn't find help in other books. Finally I realized, if it's not in the other Precalculus books, then it's probably not really an important concept/topic (at least for Calculus)! I don't know why this didn't hit me with ds2 who used the same book, but he seemed to adjust better. Thinking she should at least have the bases covered, she'll do a quick Precalc review at the beginning of Calculus... To get to the real question - which of all the things she studied are really necessary for Calculus? and are there any free online videos for Precalc review (I'll look at Khan)? Here is the TC for Foerster 2nd ed ( I found Matoyshka's post about the contents - thank you Matroyshka!) 1. Functions and Mathematical Models 2. Periodic Functions and Right Triangle Problems 3. Applications of Trig and Circular Functions 4. Trig Function Properties, Identities, and Parametric Functions 5. Properties of Combined Sinusoids 6. Triangle Trigonometry 7. Properties of Elementary Functions 8. Fitting Functions to Data 9. Probability and Functions of a Random Variable 10. Three-Dimensional Vectors 11. Matrix Transformations and Fractal Figures 12. Analytic Geometry of Conic Sections and Quadric Surfaces 13. Polar Coordinates, Complex Numbers, and Moving Objects 14. Sequences and Series 15. Polynomial and Rational Functions, Limits, and Derivatives Thank you for any help!! Joan
  12. "But many high-performing districts, while adopting the new standards, retain the fast pace of old math instruction. Palo Alto, Saratoga, Cupertino and Pleasanton -- districts that pride themselves on high test scores -- maintain some accelerated math tracks in middle school. So does Los Gatos, which did an about-face after a parent protest last year. Those paths put students on track to taking advanced placement calculus in high school." "And the Cupertino Union School District has a majority of its 6,350 middle-school students on a path that propels them two years ahead in math. Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz said that at forums to introduce Common Core, "The biggest concern was, 'Are you going to hold my child back?'"" http://www.mercurynews.com/education/ci_26726897/math-education-parents-push-schools-accelerate-middle-schoolers My school district is not in this news but is still offering algebra 1 at 7th grade with no plans to scrap. ETA: Just thought people might be interested that parents protest does work.
  13. Does anyone have experience with Derek Owens AP Calculus course? We're looking at his and Susan Gilleran's Calculus AB courses. Her class has substantial reviews on the PA Homeschoolers website, but I can't find much about Derek Owens' class. We've used Derek Owens for physics and math, and my kids love him, but AP classes require that the instructor "teach to the test" to some degree. We're wondering if he is successful in this regard and whether your AP exam experience with D. Owens was positive. Thanks!
  14. We are using a Prentice-Hall Algebra 2 (Bellman, et al) with our 12 year old, which is going fine, and I think it will go fine throughout the year. While we were using Jacobs Geometry, my DS read P-H Algebra 1 and did some problems as an algebra 1 review, so the P-H Algebra 2 approach was familiar. We like that both P-H algebra books show a lot of applications of the algebra being learned. I also like that it includes some data analysis and very basic statistics along the way, since that’s so important in real life and the science we’re planning next year. I also didn’t find a compelling alternative. But now I’m wondering what we’ll use next. Some possibilities are: Larsen Pre-calculus (haven’t actually seen it); Foerster Pre-calculus AoPS Introduction to Counting and Probability as a short “detour,†although we could do pre-calc simultaneously Counting and Probability. I actually have this book. Statistics. Has anyone here used the text “Practice of Statistics for AP, 4th ed†by Starnes, et al.? Anything else? We would like to learn more statistics to help with science next year. Very slowly start a calculus book and reviewing algebra 2 and filling in any gaps along the way. But we’re in no rush to do calculus. Go to AoPS’s 2nd algebra book, Intermediate Algebra. I’m a little hesitant here since we tried AoPS Intro to Algebra and it wasn’t enjoyed by DS after a while. He feels he should “know†how to do the problems he sees and the AoPS approach stresses him out no matter how much I try to explain the approach and he reads their introductory materials. We tried the Intro to Algebra a while ago, when he was 9 ½ and had a very solid background in pre-algebra, so it’s been awhile and a lot of maturing has occurred. But my DS very much likes to see how what he’s learning can be used and AoPS doesn’t seem to have a lot of that. Yes, he’ll play around with some advanced math concepts and logic, but it’s not as much fun for him when it’s assigned. Something else?? I've learned the hard way that just because the prerequisites are met and pre-tests are easy, sometimes the age and interests of the student makes a big difference too. Thanks for any and all insights!
  15. If so, which text did he/she use? DD will use Saxon Advanced Mathematics and then after that I am unsure.... Saxon Calc. or Larson's or something else? She really wants to take the AP Exam for BC Any thoughts are appreciated.
  16. Ds17 (a rising senior) is scheduled to take calculus at the local liberal arts college next year through their Lederman Scholar program. He is excited to be taking math in a classroom rather than distance learning through Art of Problem Solving. After reading several posts here about the rigor or lack of rigor of certain textbooks, I have some concerns. They use the Stewart book. My older son used it and he did very well. But, he is a bio major and it was a "good enough" text for him. But ds17 plans to either major in physics or math, so I am concerned that this book will not be adequate preparation for him. Although I majored in Math many years ago, I don't remember squat (except a very vivid memory of my professor nearly dislocating his shoulder to explain something about cluster points.) I really don't think I can help him as he has far outpaced me in this department. So, my question is ... how do I help him get a rigorous enough Calculus experience for what he wants to do? I don't want to do another distance learning class (nor does he.) I am tempted to email the head of the math department (as he is also in charge of the Lederman Scholars program) and ask him.
  17. We used Lial's Intermediate Algebra and then dd took PreCalculus at the community college. She is going to take Calculus in the fall, but I'd like her to do some study ahead of time this summer. Is there a Lial's Calculus book you'd recommend or something else? Thanks!
  18. We are closing to finishing up AOPS PreAlgebra, which will have taken us about 14-15 months to complete. Currently we devote 1 day for each section's problems and 1 day for each section's exercises. Then several days are spent completing the end of chapter review and challenge problems. We spend 4 days of the week on AOPS and 1 day a week on competition test prep. I am writing because I'd like to have her working on calculus during or even before her senior year in high school. But looking ahead, there are 8 more textbooks and my dd will be entering 7th grade next year. If we spend a year on each textbook, we won't make it. Should I step up our math to 5 days a week? If we took over a year to finish PreAlgebra, how much time can we expect on subsequent textbooks? Should I skip the Number Theory text? (I hate the idea of skipping anything!) Thanks for your help!
  19. http://mdtp.ucsd.edu/OnlineTests.shtml 40 multiple choice questions with recommended time of 1hr. Comes with diagnostic scoring reports and no need to create account.
  20. If you are insomniac like me and like trigonometry the PDF for the 1999 edition is here. I probably had the first edition, did trigo in 9th grade. ETA: Other oldies Schaum's Theory and Problems of Physical Science 1974 page Schaum's Theory and Problems of Electric Circuits 1965 page Schaum's Theory & Problems of Advanced Calculus 1963 page Schaum's Theory and Problems of Set Theory 1964 page Schaum's Theory & Problems of Probability 1968 page
  21. DS is withdrawing from his dual enrolled calculus class today :( The professor took a whole week off before giving the midterm exam - classes were just cancelled rather than having a substitute. The high grade was a low 80s and the majority of the class failed the exam. The day after handing the exams back, 1/2 of the class didn't come back leaving just 7 students enrolled. The professor scheduled a re-do exam today. Ds studied like he's never studied before, he went to the profs office hours, did all sorts of extra problems and felt confident. He called me this morning after the exam and asked how to drop the class. He's so discouraged, but it's better to drop now than get a bad grade. He understands that. ETA: He was doing great on the homeworks with a high 90s average. I think that the timed aspect might be part of the problem. He does have a documented LD but we haven't asked for any accommodations because I would need to get it re-documented (done in 8th grade) and ds wasn't all that keen on doing it. I have two options: 1. Have him continue calculus at home and start with a text that is do-able at home (CD based?, DVD based?) 2. Have him take a statistics class that will be offered at the CC that is a condensed 8 week course. The maths at the CC are considerably easier than the maths at the 4 year university where my son is dual enrolled. Any advice? He's a senior this year. He will be taking a gap year in England before starting at the university. Next question - If he withdraws now and gets a W on the transcript, could we make that W look better by having him take an AP level Calculus class at home and take the AP test?
  22. I am looking for recommendations for an online calculus class for my dd. She will be a senior this fall at a very small classical school. She was planning to take Calculus I, but there are only 2 other students who want to take the class, so the school won't offer it. They are open to letting her take an online class and giving credit for that, since they can't offer what she wants. I'm looking for something recorded or on DVD rather than live, because she'll need to access it as her schedule permits. I have several semesters of college calc, but it's been a really long time and I don't think relearning it in order to teach it is going to happen, but I could probably provide some support. I'm looking at Thinkwell, Ask Dr. Callahan, and Derek Owens so far. I don't think the Derek Owens is going to work because from what I can see on the website it's only offered live. Also, I think I prefer a course that lets her work at her own pace, rather than one that has hard and fast deadlines for turning in assignments and may not give her the option of working ahead when that's possible. Thinkwell seems like a pretty good alternative. I'm trying to figure out the differences between Calculus and AP Calculus. It looks like the Calculus course covers more material (two semesters of college calc?) and lists more contact hours. Is is more the equivalent of a year of college calculus? Also, dd isn't sure she likes the idea of having to do all the problems on the computer. I found an old post (~2008) that said that if you didn't enter the answer with exactly the right sequence of keystrokes, it would be counted wrong. We did sign up for their free trial, so we can see how that goes. I've heard good things about the Ask Dr. Callahan geometry DVD's, but I don't know anyone who's used Calculus. She does like the idea of actually having a hard copy of the textbook. Thoughts? Also, she's considering trying the AP Calc AB exam. Would either of these be better prep for that? Thanks for your help!
  23. Has anyone ever run across a program that teaches Calculus with a slide-rule instead of a modern calculator? I know all of the benefits of a calculator, but DH and I (who never took calculus) would like DS to learn the subject 'manually' as well as with a calculator (as it is required on the SAT subject test). Everything I've ever read from older engineers is that it is an invaluable skill, but I can't find any programs that still teach it. Will I just have to find a tutor? asta
  24. Any opinions here? There are just simply no reviews for either program. We are currently using MUS Alg2 and ds will do the MUS Precalc in 11th, but I am even debating if he needs Calc at all because he is more interested in a business degree. Would I be doing ds a great disservice by skipping Calculus and do something different like Mathematics:A Human Endeavor?
  25. I can't believe my ds is almost finished with high school. Only one more year. He's at the point math-wise, where he'll be doing calculus next year but there don't seem to be many options for calculus in the homeschooling sphere. Has anyone here done this with their kids and what did you use?
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