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  1. So, you're going to be doing Creation to the Greeks when he is in 2nd? I think that would be the way to go. IMO, doing Adventures PLUS another full MFW program would be overload. All the programs work for a 2nd grader (heck, I've successfully combined my K and 1st grader into the older programs the last 2 years :-). hth!
  2. Count me in as someone who really *wanted* to love it. It IS beautifully put together - the colors, the articles are great, but it just didn't work for our family.
  3. Hmm, my dh really was wanting a computer-based program, so that click n spell might be just the ticket! At least to finish out the year.
  4. I've always read all the Bible, history, science, and read alouds myself. It does take a while, but I have a big spread between ages, and I thought it would be a waste of time to have the older one read it herself, then still read it aloud to the little ones. I suppose I could have had her read it to *them*, but selfishly, I enjoy reading it all and personally get a lot out of it. I've learned a BUNCH from MFW! LOL I don't think there's a "right" way or a "wrong" way - make it work for you. That's just how we did it.
  5. for my 10 year old boy. Is there such a thing? He is a TERRIBLE speller - did 3 levels of AAS with me; improved a bit in the beginning, and did pretty well during actual spelling lessons, but those spelling skills never made it into any of his other work. (even when we ask him to slow down and think, there is no improvement). Our schooling situation has changed a bit, and my dh is in charge of his school day - thus the need for something independent.
  6. I used AAS with my 9 year old for just that reason, and along with daily reading practice, I thought it was plenty.
  7. I've used MFW for 6 years now:-) (wow, can't believe it's been that long!) I've used MFW K (twice), MFW 1st, and all 5 years of the history cycle (and we're on our second go-round, using ECC this year). I have not used the Adventures program, because my oldest was too old for it when we started, but my little ones have done the 2nd/3rd grade supplement to the Years 4 and 5 of MFW, and that includes a lot of the read aloud books and activities from Adventures. SO....obviously, we really like MFW here:-). I love that it is unashamedly Christ-centered...no way it could be done secularly. I love the teacher's manual - so, so easy to use, and very little prep-time. I love the book selections. Love that it utilizes all learning styles, and it's a good combination of Charlotte Mason, Classical, and literature-based stuff. I have had good success folding my youngest daughter in with the older ones as early as 5 years old. She did do MFW k for phonics, but she also joined us for history, read alouds, and science, and that worked well. I think it could work well to have both your kids do Adventures, and just have the little one do her own phonics and math. The books and activities in Adventures wouldn't be over a 6 year old's head at all, and I think it would be a fun and enjoyable program for all of you! hth!,
  8. My daughter went about 1/2 way through LOF Fractions, and is now working through MM Dark Blue Fractions....she is retaining and really understanding fractions MUCH better with the MM. LOF *was* fun and cute, but the lack of practice and review really hurt her ability to retain the information.
  9. I haven't used CLE for *everything* along with MFW, but we do use CLE English, and I do not use MFW recommendations for math at all. I don't find that it adds much time to our day at all. I think it's a good combo. The unit study part of Adventures will not take that much time, and adding the CLE to it won't be a big deal, IMO. Hope this helps!
  10. Bumping, because I would LOVE to hear some answers to this too, as I am switching my daughter to Exploring World History as well.
  11. This thread reminded me of a friend of mine in Montana, who told me that to in order to attend a Montana state university, homeschooled students must get a GED. I couldn't believe it - it just seems SO ignorant to me. Every speaker I've ever heard talk about homeschooling high school has said very adamantly NOT to go the GED route...that it's looked upon negatively by future colleges/employers, etc. So why in the world are these colleges requiring it? Makes no sense at all.
  12. I didn't use Adventures specifically (b/c I had older kids too), but I *DID* do Exploration to 1850 (the 2nd/3rd grade supplement, which is pretty much Adventures LOL) with a 5 year old, and added RME. It went extremely well, and honestly, when my now baby is 5, I would definitely consider doing it again. I really, really liked Reading Made Easy. (can I say I liked it MUCH better than MFW phonics instruction? Love MFW, just not overly thrilled with their phonics) I probably need to disclaimer that this particular 5 year old was VERY bright, not at all sensitive, and had been asking for "real school" since she was 2. She did all of MFW K at age 4, but I really didn't want to do MFW 1st with her, so I tried adding her in to the older kid's program. It worked great for us, and she did 1850-Modern last year at age 6.
  13. Another one who has done the whole cycle - we are starting over this year with ECC :-) My 9 and 7 year old will do ECC, but they were too little the first time through, so it will be a repeat for me, but brand new to them. My oldest will be 9th grade this year. My oldest actually is *not* using MFW this year - we talked and prayed about it, and decided it wasn't a good fit for her, at least this year! I'll answer the specific questions, but I just wanted to put here that I've used MFW K (twice), MFW 1st grade, and all 5 years of the history cycle, with no plans to change anything, so I think we've had a great experience so far!!! Obviously, I'm not there YET, but I honestly don't think it will be. For one thing, it's been 5 years - 5 years is a pretty long time. For another thing, a kid who experiences a program at 7 or 8 years old, and then goes through it again at 12 or 13 will have totally different experiences, b/c they will be at such different levels of maturity, development, etc. Also, there are SO many opportunities - book basket books, activities, etc., it is very likely that the 2nd time around you could read totally different books, and do some different activities. Not at all. My just-turned-7 year old did Exploration to 1850 as a 5 year old, and got a lot out of it. I was shocked at how much of it she wanted to do, and really learned! She did nearly all of 1850-Modern as a 6 year old last year. Now, my kids are not at all sensitive, and my younger ones are pretty "old" for their ages, but I think there is a good variety of age/maturity levels in the activities and books. Something for everyone. Never supplemented, definitely felt it was plenty. My 13 year old only had MFW science, and went straight into Apologia last year with no trouble at all. hth! Amanda
  14. I was all set to reply, then saw Donna A's post, and so now I can just type "Ditto!" and be done!!
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