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  1. Thank you to all who have made and donated masks . 

    We all have homemade masks here . Purchased from others .  However , the elastics are huge . 
     Not sure why people make those elastics  so big but ..
    we have been twisting the elastics several times to go over our ears just to get the masks  to stay on , but it leaves huge gaps on the sides of the mask. 
    what do you all do to fix that ? 




  2. Forgive me if I do not ask this question properly.

    I am looking for a beginners book to get me started with mindfulness.....meditation.....inner peace...positive energy...

    I am not sure what to call this? Zen?

    Also, I struggle with anxiety....what kind of workbook in relation to the above would you suggest?


    Being brought up Catholic...I am really clueless and how to get started on this.

    Thank you


  3. I have a very small Canon digital. It can fit in my pocket. But that thing takes amazing pictures. Crystal clear. And its about 6 years old now. I think I am going to take both like I have always done just in case. And all this talk about new technology, I am not even sure what half of what you guys are even talking about....flash drives..DSLR...mirrorless......cloud storage...I just talk on my phone, text message, and take pictures. Oh , and use FB...LOL

    If I get stuck I ask my 20 yo daughter(who doesn't always have the most patience with me lol)

    Thanks ladies

  4. 3 minutes ago, mlktwins said:

    I would take your digital on the trip just in case.  Maybe not take it everywhere, but take some so you have both!  I love pictures and would be so sad if I got home and they didn't turn out as I'd hope.  

    This is what I have done in the past. I would take "selfies" and such to post to facebook, and use my digital for the really good moments. But I don't think I have seen one person with a digital camera anywhere in years.....

  5. I guess I am still in the "old school" way of thinking..lol...

    My digital camera takes amazing pictures. But I never see anyone taking photos with them any longer. And I am seriously clueless when it comes to new technology. Like getting the extra storage. I know its some kind of drive you put into the phone, but I would have no idea how to use it.....

    New tech gives me a headache sometimes

  6. In the past, I have always taken my digital camera. Nowadays, everyone seem to take pictures just on their cell phones.

    I have an Iphone X. I take pictures on it here at home. I have never developed any and would have no idea how good they would come out.

    We are visiting the Dominican. We have been in the past. Beautiful.

    I will have my cell with me.

    I like to make photo books.

    So has anyone just used their cell phone for pix when going on vacation and do the pictures come out good if you develop them? Or do you take pictures with a regular camera?

  7. We have income tax here, plus our property taxes are ridiculous. Not sure how high it is compared to here, but I am looking into that. The COL here is outrageous. People don't retire here. And not just because of the weather. You just can't afford it.

    I am going to look into TX Hill country for the motorcycle. It sounds beautiful. We have ridden in oppressive heat(and we are also dressed in jeans and boots/helmet for safety) so it makes it hotter. It isn't horrible once your moving(natures AC). But, if you get stuck in traffic??? OMG..

    And, we have to do the ride in the summer because of the weather, and DH schedule. Although, we would like to see if we could do it in April, once snow season is done here.

    Thanks for all the tips on the areas to look into for retirement. I can't even believe I am saying the retirement word. Because I am just way to young for that.

  8. Admittedly, neither my dh or I have been to TX. But we really would like to take a motorcycle trip down there this summer. Keep in mind, we are traveling from New England. We would be doing this for a vacation to see the sights, but also possibly looking to retire down there.

    Does this place exist?

    We are conservatives, legal gun owners(with very, very, very, very, strict gun laws here which are ridiculous in our opinion, but not looking to debate this), we love the outdoors,no snow, warm weather, little to no tornadoes, love palm trees, the beach, and lots of acreage with no close neighbors. Small town living with access to shopping and actual things to do! (there is nothing to do here...so boring).  Looking for low crime, reasonable cost of living. Also, a strong job opportunity in electrical should my DH decide to keep working for a while.

    And, what are some great places to visit around this fictional place I mentioned above? We will be in TX for a week.....I know it very hot and humid...but I live for that.

    And what are some good places to visit on the internet to get more info on what we are looking for? Either to retire, or places to visit?

    Thx in advance

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  9. I am on Ativan as well. If you do not take these at all, you will suffer from really bad withdrawals. Ativan is really hard to just stop(and can be dangerous). You would need to be weaned.

    As far as getting them replaced. I know this is a class 2(controlled substance) and pharmacies/insurance companies are very strict on even when to refill.

    But if your Dr send over another script, and you can pay it out of pocket. They might do it for you. I am crossing my fingers that they do. You def cannot be without this med.

  10. Well, she decided to do the injection. She is there this morning with my DH. We are hoping this is going to work. But if it doesn't, she will be trying other methods. Surgery right now is not on the table, but it we will see what will happen in the future. Thank you for all of your input and sharing your experiences.

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  11. Having a cortisone injection in the spine comes with risks. It has to be done at a specialty spine office. The needle is guided by ultrasound and something else? After the injection she has to stay there for an hour. And come home and rest. Much different then in a knee or like with my husband who had them in hi shoulder.


    The Dr did not only recommend the spinal injections, he also mentioned trying the above things I mentioned.


    I believe she is going to go forward with this injection and see how it goes. She is scared and I can't blame her. She is on a back forum and anyone who has received this injection has said it is painful. As far as it helping, it is a crap shoot.


    I do know she is going to try Yoga either way.


    I was unfamiliar with Reiki,


    Thanks ladies

  12. I am asking this for my 25 yo dd.


    She has done practically everything, and now the Dr wants her to try cortisone shots in her back. She isn't crazy over the idea but she feels she has no alternatives.


    She has a bulging disc, Deg Disc Disease. She is in pain almost all the time.


    My son mentioned Reiki. But she is skeptical. Has anyone had any positive experience with this?


    She is going to start yoga, and try acupuncture as well.


    Her appt for her shots are tomorrow morning, but I told her I think she should hold off and reschedule and try the above first.


    But, she is very skeptical about Reiki.


    Thanks for your input.

  13. I get it.  I'm against certain tests for MYSELF.  I dont care if you want to screen for certain things but some things I do not want to screen for due to (what I perceive as) unnecessary medication push, false positives, negative side effects from the screening test or over treatment of the problem. 


    I've had bad experiences that have caused me severe anxiety.  I did my research and have a set of things I don't want test for and others I'm fine with. 


    YES.........^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS EXACTLY.


    I have severe anxiety. I have had some pretty severe false scares in the past. Kidney Cancer was one huge one. Big, big mistake made by radiologist, which in turn made me have multiple, painful, unnecessary, expensive further testing to rule it out. For a whole month I had to wait and wait to see if I had cancer or not. I was a wreck.


    I also had a blood cancer scare. Had to wait 8 weeks for a Heme appt all for him to tell me I only had Anemia.


    Yea, so I am all set with tests. I only have the ones that I know I need to have done. I am against many pre-screenings. I do not need to go into another meltdown mode over idiotic people who can't read results, or the results may not be accurate, false positives and calls for further testing and further anxiety.


    My Cholesterol levels are not even accurate because they were not even done as a fasting blood test. Unreal.

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  14. How can you be against cholesterol?


    I don't disagree about the big business of drugs.  But knowing your cholesterol level does not obligate you to take any drugs.  Or do anything differently.


    I am against it because it is my personal decision.


    Believe it or not, there are some Dr's who agree with me. Unfortunately, those Dr's do not take my insurance. Why don't those Dr's take my insurance? Because they take top tier only. I have state funded insurance. Soooooooooo..........that should tell you a lot.

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