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  1. Maybe I need to explain a little better. When both my husband and I were seniors in high school we went to school 1/2 day and worked 1/2 day. I worked in a lawyer's office. He worked at his Dad's machine shop. We had an advisor at school who helped us find jobs and monitored our work through quarterly evaluations that the employer would fill out about us. We received high school credit for this just like a class. I think mine was called Office something and his was called Trades something. We would like to do something similar with our senior next year. Just wondering if anyone else ha
  2. I am considering some sort of work study for my senior next year. He is interested in doing something with CAD/CAM. I want to find a company he could work for and they would fill out an evaluation that I could turn into a grade for high school credit. Has anyone done this? Can you talk me through it? Where could I find forms for evaluations? How many hours does he need to work to get credit? Can anyone point me in the right direction? ~Charlotte
  3. My 15 yo son works at the neighboring farm. They own the produce store in town. He helps in the greenhouses, fields, mowing, painting, etc. He works anywhere from 4-16 hours a week depending on the season, weather, and what they need done. He doesn't work at all in the winter. He started last spring when he was 14.
  4. Has anyone used the Apologia Physics DVD by Rusty Hughes and care to share a review of likes/dislikes? ~Charlotte
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