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  1. I am considering this program - for 6th-7th graders. Would love to hear comments and how you use it. Time allotted, etc.
  2. I have read quite a few posts about Logic here. We've done the Mind Benders books and really love them. TWTM recommends Critical Thinking Book 1 for 6th grade. I can already tell this is not the right fit for my 6th grader. I would so much appreciate comments about alternatives that you used and loved. Thanks - Katie
  3. We LOVED First Language Lessons 1-4. In 5th grade - tried a couple different ones, including Rod & STaff. I guess I am underwhelmed by it and do not really like the layout. Anyone tried something that they just LOVE? Katie in NC
  4. I found this for Saxon 3 http://www.webmissionllc.com/homeschool/samples/sample_worksheet_106.pdf She changes the titles/ subjects to not violate copyright. Just looking for Saxon 2. Last year I typed out Saxon 3 for my 2nd grader. This year I was hoping to save myself some time with Saxon 2.
  5. Does anyone know of a site that has these already printed out on a 3x5 card that I can purchase? Thanks Katie
  6. Julia, You and I are quite similiar. I have 5 children....ages 8,6,4,2.5,1. I have also hired someone 2x's a week in the AM so I get uninterrupted time with my older 2. Once I set the "schedule" and posted it and adhered to it for a couple of weeks, life seemed to change. For us, getting up and starting right away was the route to go. Kids get up and are in the classroom by 8 am for morning prayer to start the day. At the risk of sounding too rigid, we needed to implement something so that they had some ownership and responsibility in their day and what they were responsible for. Most work get accomplished for us by lunchtime. I try and spend some time in the afternoon with my Pre-K-ers ( 4 year old especially) on "school work." It will come together!
  7. jennefer, I actually found your blog a couple of days ago via a search engine. Thank you so much for posting your book list!! Katie
  8. Can All About Spelling users comment on the amount of teacher prep time needed each day for this program? Also, do the students get to a point where they are doing any part of it independently? Thanks a bunch -Katie
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