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  1. Thank you, Lanny! This had dropped completely off my radar.
  2. Remedia Publications makes a great outlining workbook for 4th grade. Here is a link: https://www.rainbowresource.com/product/022861/Beginning-Outlining-Grades-3-4.html In fact, it used to be recommended in one of the WTM books. That's how I heard of it. My dd used both workbooks by Remedia on Outlining. (The other one is for grades 5-8.) Here is the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Beginning-Outlining-Grades-Reproducible-Activity/dp/1561752932/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=beginning+outlining+by+remedia&qid=1601486338&sr=8-1
  3. You might look at Mathusee Algebra and see if that will be a good fit. About studying for tests: after the first test, sit down with her and go through each question and find the question/answer in the book and highlight it. Note if it is in a sentence with a bolded word, or if it was one of the end of section questions, or in the review at the end of each chapter (this is general advice. I'm not familiar with Friendly Biology.) This will help to make a plan for the next chapter. Maybe she needs to make flashcards of vocabulary words (using pictures or colorful gel pens if that will h
  4. Anecdotally, a mask mandate has driven our local numbers down from about 300 cases per day in mid-July to about 20 cases per day lately. Masks work.
  5. The forests. My backyard had a forest. All the parks had fantastic hiking. The forests didn't have the scrub brush on the ground like in some other places. Just leaves and tall trees and occasional boulders and creeks. I love them. The 4 seasons. South Texas doesn't really have them.
  6. OP, Dianne Craft has some articles on right brain learners that might apply to your dd4. Stories, pictures, color, and humor are the pegs they hang their knowledge on. Plus they are big picture thinkers. If that applies to your dd4, you might check out some of her articles. I was thinking that one of Dianne Craft's techniques when the kid wants to read the word and kind of guess it, is to make them sound it out backwards. Start with the last syllable, covering the rest, and have them sound that out. Then back up to the second to the last syllable and have them sound out both syllable
  7. Actually, I'm not sure that's true. I definitely store words as pictures of words in my head. I am so visual and not very auditory, though. I think my dd is like this as well, although her words have more cartoon pictures associated with them, too, I think. Visual family we are.
  8. Well, my dd graduated two years ago, but this is what we did: Excel for transcripts, Word for English papers, Horrible Histories dvds to supplement history, Internet for research and curriculum shopping, Crash Course Government videos on Youtube to supplement Government class, Netflix documentaries to supplement science. Her senior year, she did a Computer Literacy course using a textbook the university she would be attending used, and she learned a lot about Powerpoint, Excel, Word, and ?Access?. Khan Academy for SAT prep.
  9. She's in fifth grade. I'm not sure it is developmentally appropriate for her to write with much style. Of course she writes like an amateur. She's in fifth grade.
  10. I wouldn't give two weeks notice, by the way. Just quit. It's a fast food job. It's not going to affect his resume.
  11. I love all the hands on stuff from Lakeshore Learning. https://www.lakeshorelearning.com/products/math/shapes-geometry/N/1000879644+2775601775/page-1/sort-best/num-24/?view=grid&update-filter=598473326 We used a LOT of their stuff.
  12. Change majors to whatever is the quickest to accomplish. On his resume, he could still say, like, "38 hours of business classes" or something so employers would see he had that. Or apply those classes to a minor. My brother was a CS major and could not get better than a D in a Calculus class that was required. He ended up switching to English and applied his CS classes toward a minor in CS. He wasn't as far along as your son, but that's my story. He has been working in the computer field since graduation. Best of luck!
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