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  1. I'm a little bit of the mindset of at some point, you have to live your life. I say that, and then I still stay home almost all the time. We have 250ish cases in my county. We've only had 3 deaths since this whole thing started, and our hospitalizations are in single digits and have been, since this whole thing started. Even with a meat packing plant spike and a couple of halfway house spikes. So we are cautiously venturing out with masks on. We shopped at Kohls. We joined the YMCA (haven't attended yet. Probably next week.). My dd hung out with her bff a few times, unmasked except when they went to the store. Our church is still not open except for online. I don't know the right answers. Best of luck as you navigate this.
  2. Well, 12 teaspoons is 4 tablespoons which is 1/4 cup, which doesn't sound so bad for fresh ginger, but I've never used fresh ginger so...
  3. My dh had trouble tying his masks, so we put snaps on one and velcro on the others. (He can't do ear loops due to hearing aids.)
  4. I think it all depends on where you live, for the BA/BS thing. Here is my anecdote. I helped a relative choose Texas State University because they offered both a BA and a BS in Computer Science (because he did not like/do great at math). Pressured by his father, he chose the BS route. When he got a D in Calculus (I forget which Calculus) for the second or third time, he decided to become an English major with a CS minor. He now works in IT in my town. Where he has been (same employer; IT in a couple different departments) since he graduated. So there is my anecdote. For your particular situation for your ds who has been struggling so much with all of this, I have no advice, just Best Wishes!
  5. I am reading this to say that they can't use food allergens to substitute. So I wouldn't think that would be a problem. No? Am I reading this wrong?
  6. Me! Me! Dd started university this year, and I thought I would have soooo much time. Not at all. Life filled in my time. It's been neat, though, seeing her adjust to university life. I'm proud of my student and of myself for preparing her so well.
  7. I hate mother's day. They don't make cards that just say "You are a mother." None of this best mom in the world garbage. She wasn't. She's not. Yes, she could have been worse. But she's kind of a narcissist with moments of humanity. What do you do with that? Can't cut her off because it hasn't been so egregious and now she's old and can't drive and needs weekly drives to her doctor appointments. So you go and walk on eggshells and pray that she's pleasant that day. And it spoils mother's day for you even when you don't have to spend it with her. And you have to get her a gift because you can't get her a card because none fit and something is Expected. Freakin' mother's day. ((hugs)) Slache.
  8. Around here, schools do US History in 8th grade and then again some time in high school. So it would not be unusual to do that. Generally, colleges want to see US History in high school.
  9. I absolutely think this could work. He's 9. He's not going to need to produce great quality content even once he's back in school. Just because they make him write a lot, doesn't mean it's good. So if this is your major worry, then just do that. Teach writing during the summer, and then do a journal or something during the year just to keep him writing. It could absolutely work.
  10. ((hugs)) My dd's surgery (at age 16) took about 10 hours, from when they started prepping her to when they wheeled her into her own room. So expect a long wait. It will be fine. They are very good at this kind of surgery these days. Point of note: When they ask about pain levels on a scale of 1 to 10, say nothing lower than 6 or 7 because they won't give you crap if you don't understand the scale and say 4. Pain management the first three days was the hardest part of the whole experience.
  11. Our pandemic purchase successes include seven dresses, two pairs of sneakers, and a microwave. Two yards of fabric. Several books. Apple TV device. I could go on... Congratulations on your air fryers! They sound cool!
  12. I don't know if this would work for your 5th grader, but I wanted to throw this out as a writing suggestion. I really liked this for my dd around that age. It's a Ready to Write Prompt box from Lakeshore Learning, and they use a dry erase marker to complete it, then, if you want them to, they write out on a piece of paper. We actually used the box for Grades 2-3 for my dd, but here is the grades 4/5 box: And congratulations on the job!
  13. At that age, I loved Abeka's Health, Safety and Manners book, plus their Songs We Enjoy CD. I also quite like their Spelling, but I have a very natural speller.
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