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  1. You and your dh know the situation best. I would follow his advice.
  2. It will be in the thousands. It's been awhile and our house is smaller (1400 sq. ft) plus we're in Texas. But I want to say 4-6K? And I don't remember if that was both inside and outside units or just one.
  3. Saxon is spiral. Mathusee is mastery. I don't know which other high school maths are mastery because we use Mathusee. hth
  4. BJU US History is super sexist. We're using it because it's more interesting than Abeka, but it is soooo sexist. Examples: In the twenties, divorce rates went up. Why? Women. After World War II, divorce rates went up. Why? Women. And yesterday we read about the evils of rock and roll. We just laugh, but I'm not sure how a classroom teacher would handle this stuff.
  5. Critical Thinking Company has Language Smarts workbooks that are quite good. Totally secular.
  6. We liked Jensen's Format Writing. Writing with Skill just didn't work for my big picture thinker. For research reports, I found that Seton's Composition for High School did a good job. Both were pretty gentle and very straight-forward.
  7. Teaching Textbooks goes through PreCal. Have him take the placement test to see if it's a possibility, or if he is too advanced. Mathusee might work for him, too, but I find at the upper levels, you need someone to be able to help/answer questions because Mr. Demme's teaching gets a little... vague at times. Mathusee goes through Calculus.
  8. Okay, I tell this to everyone, but I don't know that it is available to everyone. We live in Texas, and there is in our city a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center. We went there to ask them about tips to help my dh in meetings at work. Ended up getting free hearing aids and hearing-aid-friendly-phone voucher, from the state's Department of Assistive Services. Good hearing aids. Better than VA ones, certainly. I think it's because it has to do with work, but I'm not positive that's the only reason. So I would say explore your tax dollars at work and see if you have something like this.
  9. Her brain probably works differently than yours. The things you love about math, she may never love about math. The things you find beautiful in math, she may never find beautiful. I have a bachelor's degree in math, and my dd dislikes math but does okay with MUS in high school. We are different people. Focus on what works for your dd for math and what makes her appreciate it. If Saxon is working and she likes it, recognize this is something to treasure. Keep it up until she needs to switch ( and she may, but let her be the determiner of that, not you with some abstract philosophy about how she should appreciate the same things in the same way as you). HTH!
  10. You know what I would do? I would just get the LA/English "kit" from Abeka or BJU or Timberdoodle and have her start it. And she gets where she gets by the last day of school in May. Plus set up a book basket with some good novels, and require 30 minutes of reading a day.
  11. Did not use the Spanish. Was very happy with the French for the Galore Park for both French 1 and French 2. Did require me (the teacher) to be familiar with French (I am-- 3 years in high school and 3 semesters in college). Although my dd hated French. But that's not the book's fault.
  12. At that age, we had non-negotiable showers every night at 7:30. They became non-negotiable because my dd would try to wheedle her way out of them. So it was became a must-do no matter what. And I still had to remind EVERY night at 7:30, but at least the resistance stopped.
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