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  1. ((hugs)) Honestly, Scarlett, if we don't know the details, we can't really give good advice. But it sounds like those in the situation, like xh and your friends, do know what's going on. I would trust the judgment of people in the know, not random internet people who don't know what's going on and can only use our wild imaginations. Best wishes in your situation.
  2. Super Duper Publications makes some visual vocab cards that we used for dd. This is level one: This is level 3: Later on, we did Vocabulary Escapades with Garfield, which my dd quite enjoyed. As she got older, we just used Abeka's vocabulary words, and she had to draw a picture on an index card with a short definition for every word. That did the trick for her, too.
  3. Is the Crayola air dry clay not good for your purposes? has a five pound tub for $10-13. I see they are also having 20 percent off right now and they have Amaco air dry clay 25 pounds for $27.
  4. South Texas here. Flu has already begun. Dd's college class got cancelled last week because prof had flu "like many of you," he said. We went out that day and all got flu shots.
  5. I would either take my kid with me on the trip or arrange to have him spend the night at a friend or relative's house. Not leave him home alone, because I would worry and the child would be lonely.
  6. So for my dd, her eczema is at times caused by milk or eggs or our cat. But sometimes it just happens. And yes, stress can trigger it as can almost anything, really. Zyrtec can help with the allergic part. CeraVe products really help. That was what finally made a dent in some that wouldn't go away with anything else. She uses the CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash, the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, and a CeraVe moisturing lotion with sunscreen for her face. HTH
  7. We enjoyed this when my dd was that age:
  8. Connect your computer to your printer with an actual cable. Seriously. That's what I made my dh do with ours because that wireless stuff is so glitchy.
  9. Wheezing (or possibly coughing a lot) can be an asthma attack. I don't know if you're niece is faking, but since a quick trip to the doctor would get her a rescue inhaler, I think that needs to happen.
  10. Lands End carries cardigans in many colors. They are not cropped. They are waist-ish length. They are not trendy in the slightest, but good for work. If she wants trendy, I would go to Plato's Closet and cull through their cardigans. I think the black one would work for the black and gray dresses, but not the green. Ivory, rust, or some other color for the green. And a nice pink or red might be more fun with the black and gray dresses. If you want to order something online, American Eagle seems to be very trendy right now, and they have many cardigans: For modest undies, my dd likes jockey, smallest size, or Hanna Andersson (largest girls size). For top "undies," Victoria Secret or Lily of France
  11. Not to hijack the thread, but can you tell me what turmeric you are giving him? We tried a tumeric gummy to help my dh with some pain, and that was ineffective.
  12. Oh, Plato's Closet also carries Nike shorts, if new is cost-prohibitive.
  13. Nike athletic shorts are the norm here. My dd owns several pairs of these: They have a built-in panty, which helps them hang longer than they are. The in-seam is technically 3", but with the panty, they sit a bit low and appear longer. I encourage you to take your dd to Academy or somewhere similar and try these on. You'll be surprised! Also, some of them come with built-in bike shorts, making them even longer but still trendy.
  14. Well, my kid with milk, egg, and peanut allergies can't get the Dining Coordinator to answer her emails, and my dd chooses not to elevate it to the Disabilities department. But she's living at home and commuting to school, so we are making do. There is a Subway on campus (safe for her to get specific sandwiches) and an Einstein Bros. Bagels, plus a grill place that presumably she could get a plain hamburger. This semester, she only needs to eat on campus twice a week for lunch. It's not easy. I don't think a celiac kid would do well here relying on the Dining people, but it is very common to live off campus, so adjustments can be made, I think.
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