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  1. I'm loving it! South Texas here, and summer dragged on f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Gimme some cold! (Plus it's only temporary. 60s and 70s by the weekend.) Oh, and here we put on parkas once it hits anywhere in the 40s. It's Parka Week! I love this time of year!
  2. perkybunch


    I mailed my dd's transcript to her university the old-fashioned way.
  3. I already own a rice cooker. I love it. I have two crock pots. Hubby has a pressure cooker. I own a tortilla press, a belgian waffle maker, a fake george forman grill, a bread machine... I love me my kitchen appliances. I don't have an Instant Pot. I think I've got that covered with crock pots and the pressure cooker. Plus I have one of those kitchen counter ovens because my dd is scared of the big oven, and it's very handy anyway. Turkey roaster coming soon. Heart emoji
  4. Thanks, everyone! I just ordered a turkey roaster!
  5. I bought the Apologia video instruction dvd and did not find it helpful in the slightest. We went with a homegrown physics course, and for the math part, we used this workbook:
  6. I'm sure it varies by school, but we found that calling was much less effective than emailing. Emailing was prompt and got things done. Calls were answered by people who knew nothing and whose information was not accurate.
  7. It was nice. We decided not to give out candy this year. We decorated our red velvet cake with spooky sprinkles, and then we didn't eat it at all. We did a family candy run to Walgreens (and to pick up a prescription). Then we watched a dvd of Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and the Disney House of Villains first story (with Donald and the witch and the little nephew ducks) on Netflix. That was it, and college girl did work.
  8. I just watched Attack of the Killer Tomatoes on Amazon Prime. It's so silly and fun! I second The Birds. A classic.
  9. At my dd's school, the accelerated program is only if you already have a bachelor's degree, plus the prereqs of anatomy, microbiology, etc. Then the actual "nursing school" program is 4 semesters. Contrast this to the traditional bsn, where you are in school for 4 years, and the last two years (five semesters) are considered "nursing school." I don't know what it's like at other schools.
  10. Stuff from Critical Thinking Company? They have good stuff.
  11. I think this might be a good year to plan a fun out of town trip over Christmas! I hear the mountains are lovely... so are the beaches. 🙂 ((hugs, Quill)
  12. My dd is a freshman in a pre-nursing program. Executive functioning skills are critical. Some things she does: Color coded notebooks and folders for each subject (ex: history is yellow, english is red, etc.) Running to do list on a white board, organized by due dates. Larger assignments are broken up and assigned staggered "due dates" as well, to meet the final due date. She takes a picture of this every morning to have it on her phone at school. Calendar hanging on the wall with test dates and project due dates. Color coded. Things that seem obvious but she has found her peers don't always do: Show up with a writing utensil. Take notes. If the teacher finds it important enough to put on slides or write on the board, you should write it down too. If the teacher says, "This will be on the exam" or "This is very important," you should write it down and star it. If there are Supplemental Instructions sessions in addition to regular class, you should attend all of those.
  13. They can rip out chunks of your hair. They can beat you. They can make you eat disgusting stuff, and if you throw up, they make you eat that. Seriously. It's shocking. It can last 6 to 8 hours. And if you want out, they don't always let you go right away. I really am surprised it's legal.
  14. No, I googled it. They are allowed to physically torture you. For hours. For real. They can lock you in a coffin with spiders. They can bury you alive. They can nearly drown you. They can break bones. Supposedly legal because you have to sign a waiver before you go in. And they have a wait list. Insane world.
  15. I am thinking this is bothering you so much that you should just say no. FWIW, I took my dd's senior pictures in a local park with her iphone, set in Portrait mode, and they were amazing. And I am no photographer. That Portrait mode is unbelievably great. Then I uploaded the pics to Shutterfly, and ordered the sizes I wanted. Easy peasy and way less than hundreds of dollars.
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