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  1. I did find that for much of MUS for high school, I needed to supplement lessons. My degree is in math so that wasn't a problem, but it won't be a good fit for everyone.
  2. I will be the outlier and say I would skip. The "me" time has already been ruined by AF and dh's meeting. Having to keep one eye on the kids at a pool is not "me" time. I'm sorry. I understand about not having time for self-care.
  3. So I currently drive mother to doctor's appointments about once a week. At the beginning, I was very worried about her behavior and I did a lot of talking about Taxis, Uber, and Lyft. She has been super nice to me since then, and as long as she is nice, I will drive her to these appointments. I am however waiting for the other shoe to drop. If it drops hard, I'm out. My chauffeur duties have also replaced a hitherto occasional one hour visit on occasional Saturdays. Those don't happen anymore. Thus far, I am getting gratitude from her, much to my surprise. That said, my (undiagnosed but very likely autistic) brother lives with both parents and does a lot. Father had a stroke a couple months ago and no longer drives, which is when duty fell to me. HTH P.S. By the way, I do make pleasant but noncommital and monosyllabic replies to conversation, and I bring a book to read in the lobby. This minimizes interaction and verbal targeting of me by her.
  4. I bought a bunch of stuff from Lakeshore Learning when we did high school geometry. Here are a few:
  5. That is definitely doctor-worthy. Get him in asap.
  6. We belong to the YWCA. It's technically geared for seniors, but anybody can join. It's not loud. They have lots of classes, which I like, although they are mainly week day mornings so wouldn't work for a person with an 8 to 5 job. They also have a weight room and a cardio room (like with treadmills and stair steppers and all those different things). Those are open til 7pm or so. They have a heated pool, too and various water-based exercise classes. Everybody is super nice and no judging at all. Not sure of the exact free weight situation.
  7. Worked well for us. You may want to get through PreCal before taking the SATs. (My dd did her last SAT Fall of senior year.)
  8. For my dd, wanting her to have "the college experience" was never about going out of state or dorm life. It was friends (homeschooling as an only child can be lonely) and a good education. She chose to stay home because she wanted to live with us and she wanted the support we might be able to give. We toured the local community college and the local university. She loved the local university, and it has a more "typical" student demographic than the community college which has a huge huge range of people. Also the local university is closer to our house and very beautiful. And has many cats. All factors in her decision. In ours, we hoped she would choose a 4-year school because of the friendships that can be made and nurtured for 4 years. Plus, IME, 4 year universities are very good about encouraging freshman to make friends. Lots of icebreakers activities and social opportunities. So far, she's very happy with her choice. We are as well.
  9. Read your other posts from SN board. Sounds like he maybe needs to live at home and have more support (emotional, whatever) to continue moving forward. Nothing wrong with that. I think Community College would fit the bill nicely. Cross the transfer bridge when you're closer to it.
  10. Yes, your fight is with Kohls, not some random person who was in your house. I will almost guarantee you that either they screwed up or someone stole the number in Kohls at some time prior. I'll bet if you all had checked the balance as soon as you got the card, it would have been $0. Your mom can fight this with them if she wants. You go up the chain and don't take no for an answer.
  11. I don't ask about stuff because I don't want to pry. That's literally what phrase goes in my head as I don't ask: "I don't want to pry." Probably different scenario than you are dealing with though.
  12. I'm not revising anything. I am speaking about the male soloists in JLo's and Shakira's show. They wore long clothes and overcoats. Yes, they did.
  13. Here's what I would do... I would think, "oh it should be fine," and then I would crockpot it all day, and then I would say, "you know what? I'm not comfortable with this," and I would throw it out. I know because I've done that before. So while I think it's still okay at the moment, if I really was planning on eating it tonight and not throwing it out, I would pop that baby in the oven and roast it done. Then refrigerate it until dinner and nuke it.
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