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  1. Yes. I did World History: Ancient, 1.0 credits, grade A. I also did World History: Medieval, .5 credits, grade A.
  2. My dd was a reluctant (and lefty) writer. I would start with Writing With Ease 1, and also do Handwriting without Tears. Get the little chalkboard and such that go with it. It's great for lefties!
  3. Well, I know someone whose son stopped attending class because the 20-30 minute commute was too much. So I vote dorms.
  4. You can't go. You have to work. Either send DH with DS or no one goes. DH got the dates wrong; there's nothing you can do about that now.
  5. A year of world history and a semester of economics is generally what is done, in addition to what you have. We did a year of Ancient World History, a semester of Medieval World History, a year of Modern World History, a year of U.S. History, a year of World Geography, a semester of Government, and a semester of Economics. YMMV
  6. Okay, I don't know anything about this, but I googled and found this: (no idea if it's a good option)
  7. Here's what I would do: Pre-Algebra (or Intro to Algebra), 1.0 credit, Grade: A U.S. History, 1.0 credit, Grade: A English 9 or English I, 1.0 credit, Grade: A American Sign Language, 1.0 credit, Grade: A Health, .5 credit, Grade: A I don't know about the science.
  8. Wikiup Trading Post? Here's a link to some reviews: Oh, it looks like Cool Water Cafe has better reviews! Here's a link:
  9. Not necessarily before 18, but around then: Find a new doctor (pediatrician may let them stay through high school graduation if you're lucky), Find new dentist if you have been using a pediatric dentist. Teach how to fill out forms for all those medical and dental places (or sit by dc and make dc do it with you right there).
  10. My dd did MUS in high school through PreCal. In college for nursing, she is required to take Statistics, which she had to place into by getting a certain score (540?) on her SATs in the math section. She had gotten through all of Algebra 2 before taking the SAT the first time and not getting the minimum score, so then we started PreCal and had to jump ahead to certain chapters plus do some Kahn Academy before taking it the next time and achieving a 570. She is now eligible for Statistics at her college. How well she would do in that, I don't know. She hasn't taken it yet. I did buy some statistics workbooks and do a semester of home-grown Statistics and Probability with her. HTH!
  11. Brita works great for us, and we are also in Texas, even further south than Slache. Just wanted to let others out there know. Don't blame the whole state. Blame her city. 🙂 I am sorry your water is so bad. I wish I had a solution for you. I think SA has soft water, doesn't it? Maybe others with soft water can chime in.
  12. If you don't mind a Catholic resource, Seton Books has English 7 which is a straight-forward grammar workbook. I really liked those and wish I had discovered them sooner.
  13. Good plan. FWIW, when my suspected NPD mother got really bad in her negativity, we stopped visiting so often. Once a month for an hour was the max there for awhile, and even now when she's somewhat less negative, it's still about once a month for an hour. I don't miss it. And we actually went away for Christmas one year. It was nice.
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