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  1. I just wanted to add that on the BFSU yahoo forum there is a master supply list according to each lesson number in the FILES section... Also various schedules and helps (like a master correlated reading list for each lesson:). It's been a great help to our family. It's in yahoo groups under K5Science. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/K5science/
  2. For the attitude problem- someone on here recommended something that really worked at our house. She said when they say something rude or nasty, or just not nicely, you just kind of say "rewind" and have them try again more nicely. If they can't think of a way to phrase it nicely you help them, they say it, then you move on. Totally works over here, and it seems to be training her in better manners at the same time. The other stuff I'm not sure about but I'm definitely :bigear::lurk5:.
  3. I was wondering about this too... I'd be interested in getting their back story and trying to find out if this is normal behavior where they came from. Did they knock at all when they came in, or did they maybe do that thing where people sometimes open the door while saying "Knock, knock, anybody home?" We do that within our extended family but I wouldn't do it to an unfamiliar neighbor. We do have one little neighborhood boy who walked into our house when he first moved in but he stopped doing that as soon as we told him it wasn't polite. Now he knocks and yells "Miss Hailey! Miss Hailey can I come in?" really loud until I open it. It's sooo cute!
  4. Yeah, if you look on the SUBSCRIBE section on Brainpop when you click on "Homeschool" there's a yellow/beige box that is over the price sheet that describes the rules for use, and the same for "Family"... The differences are slight but they are there.
  5. Evan Moor Daily Science or there's another one by the same company I think... It's a little light though.
  6. I think it has to do with how many computers you want to be using it on...
  7. http://www.amazon.com/Learning-Resources-Money-Bags-Value/dp/B00004TDTQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1325849308&sr=1-1 This game helped my daughter- but when I bought it the price was 11.99... I'm not sure I'd buy it for almost 20.
  8. :lurk5: I know our library has Tumbleweed digital library with books. I have to turn off the sound or it just reads the book to her though, LOL.
  9. I'm just wondering why you are switching from FLL to R&S...:lurk5:
  10. I thought "do the next thing" curriculum described things like FLL or SOTW where you finish one lesson and just move onto the next one, instead of having a boxed curriculum where there is a daily log sheet for activities. In a "do the next thing" you don't need to worry if you miss Monday and Tuesday because you went to the beach because you just pick up where you left off. It's harder for you to get that "we're behind" feeling. Another thing I thought described "do the next thing" curriculums is that you don't have to have a weekly planner. At our house we have a sheet that says what we generally do on each day of the week and I don't have to plan ahead regarding particular lessons or page numbers. I just look to see what day of the week it is and I stack those books on the floor and go through them. When the stack is gone the work is done. I do have things listed on the calendar quarterly that say "you should be on or past lesson # whatever by this date" but I don't have a daily checklist. I also have to prep on Saturday for science, art and history because even though those are still "do the next thing" they sometimes require special tools or extra reading from the library.
  11. Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding
  12. You might teach them just for fun. My daughter really has fun identifying rule breakers.
  13. I use BFSU as a spine and branch out into library books and what not... Whatever topic we have interest in can usually be found in the BFSU manual with a lesson plan (and there are always tips about how to explain things and common misunderstandings that I find very helpful). You can use it as a whole curriculum and it's about 20.00 for 3 years worth of information, but I call it my spine because I never do it exactly as I should according to the lesson plans. I have had no problem just using BFSU and the library. The book is available as a kindle download for 5.00 if that helps...
  14. I haven't read the other replies but he sounds like my daughter who has sensory problems. It may simply be a matter of sensory issues. My daughter has gotten much better as she's gotten older but I don't think the issue ever really "goes away." They just learn how to cope. She doesn't hand flap anymore but she wrings her hands when she's under a constant level of stress (mostly in the summer when our routine is out of whack)... What helps my daughter most is allowing her very liberal amounts of heavy physical activity. Definitely get an evaluation if it continues to worry you. Sometimes you just have to go over your doctor. I had to do that in order to get my daughter's food allergies diagnosed and we have a great pediatrician.
  15. Can you look at 1B and see what you think about it? We're using it and my daughter is doing just fine- no issues with format or visual appeal. If it's working for you keep it up - on the other hand, if you're going to switch now is a good time to do it (before you have an issue of gaps)...
  16. This is perfect! Thank you so much. I am so grateful for this and all of the advice shared by the hive. I never would have thought of this but it's absolutely perfect...
  17. I can't tell her the truth about Santa this year. She's going through too much loss already. I must find some way to explain it without giving away the Santa thing.
  18. That gets into a murky area for us. She is convinced that our close family friend that just passed away is an angel so I can't "correct" that assumption right now without creating more pain for her. I almost wonder if she's hyperfocusing on the pixie dust because she told me she was asking for Miss Carrie back for Christmas and I told her that once someone goes to be with God in heaven they don't come back... A couple days later the pixie dust thing started and hasn't stopped.
  19. That's perfect! Santa can't fly without the reindeer because he can't make pixie dust- that's only for fairies! Thanks so much!!!!
  20. My daughter has been saying she's going to ask Santa for pixie dust for Christmas for the last two months. I keep telling her that Santa can't give her pixie dust because people can't fly and she keeps telling me "just wait- I know he'll give it to me." Should Santa write her a note? I could put some glitter in a tulle bag or something... But it's not going to make her fly. What should Santa say if he writes her a note? My thought was something along the lines of "Even Santa can't make people fly" but that sounds kind of mean... I thought about having him write that flying is a special thing reserved for angels and that she will fly when she goes to heaven, and if pixie dust could make people fly it wouldn't be as special when we go to be with God. But I'm not sure that sounds right either... In any case, I need some sort of explanation on why Santa can't make her fly. Any tips?
  21. You have said she was doing well in her old math curriculum a few times- I am curious what the other curriculum actually was... Singapore is known to be a great program but I am sure it's not the ONLY good program out there. There's a variety of good programs to choose from and maybe the one you had was just fine on its own.
  22. They just came up on Homeschool Buyers co op too, so I'd be interested to see if anyone else has feedback on them... Thanks!
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