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  1. :party:Yay! Congratulations! I still remember the first time Grace read a word- she was in the jeans department at JC Penny and read the sign that said "Dockers."
  2. Maybe something like this? http://www.amazon.com/Increase-Your-Childs-Verbal-Intelligence/dp/0300083203/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top It's by the same people who wrote Reading Reflex. It sounds like it would fit your child's learning style, because it's mostly nonthreatening games. I'm not exactly sure if it's what you are looking for as far as written expression, but it is good at helping kids with verbal expression. I found out about it from the special needs board when I was looking for help dealing with expressive speech delays.
  3. Does anyone know anything or have any opinions on the Sadlier-Oxford Progress in Mathematics curriculum? Is it conceptually based or more of a methodical, Saxon type thing? We might be moving, so I looked into some local Catholic schools in the new town and this is what they are using. I'm not sure if we will put Grace in school or homeschool when we get there, so I'm going through the process of deciding whether I like their curriculum to help me make choices. I can't find anything on the board regarding this curriculum other than one person who said she didn't like it, but I'd love more opinions if they are available.
  4. I agree on the oral allergy syndrome- my DD has it and she can eat raw apples but not the peel. She has to have her carrots steamed, and cherries must be canned, etc. Sometimes she can eat certain things and other times she can't, but it all seems to center around raw fruit and vegetables. Oral allergy syndrome is kind of a wild card- it seems different with everyone. My neice has it and can eat peaches at certain times of year but not others. I can totally see different types of apple, or even apples from different places, causing different types of reactions.
  5. Is anyone here familiar with Front Royal, VA? I'm trying to find out if they have an active homeschooling community there...
  6. Yeah, we had gone to the previous vet just because we saw the building from the highway when we moved in, but when we later learned they had a bad reputation we didn't worry too much because we usually only take our pets in for vaccines. This is the first time we've had to deal with a sick animal at that vet, and we've lived here six years, LOL. I guess it's good we found the new vet since Shannon is getting older and will probably get sick more often as he ages. Shannon was up meowing and begging for food and this morning when I woke up. I think he's turned the corner!
  7. I called Monday morning and they were going to charge me 70.00 if I wanted him seen that day, on TOP of whatever else it would cost, plus they couldn't see him until at least 11 a.m. and said I would have to wait for an opening. Soooo, I called another other vet in the area and asked if they could see him because he was so sick that I just didn't want to wait. The other vet fit him in an hour after I called and I just brought his records. The new vet was so nice and knowledgeable. She really listened. She says he either has a plain old respiratory infection that was missed during his appt at the other vet (which is highly likely because they rush you through) or he has a tumor. She gave him a shot of antibiotic and said to continue his other meds, keep him comfortable and feed him tuna/baby food to make sure he eats. She also asked me to journal his symptoms each day so she can keep up with what changes happen, and she's had her assistants call to check on him every day since then... I can't believe how different this vet is than the other one. It's amazing how caring they are... Anyway, the vet thinks it MIGHT be a tumor because all his symptoms (ear infection, nasal drip, eye infection) are on one side of his face. She said she could do a test to find out but that the only treatment would be surgery that is thousands of dollars, and he is eighteen already. It's an iffy surgery in the first place at his age, so I decided not to do the test. I know we don't have that kind of money, no matter how much I love the cat, but she didn't make me feel bad about having to say that and she said no matter what she'd make sure he was comfortable. She was just really, really nice. So we now have a new vet and, hopefully, it is JUST an infection. I really hope it is just that. He's always been really healthy until just recently, so I am betting he will pull through... Monday he slept all day, and his nose kept dripping. Yesterday it dripped when he sneezed, and today I haven't seen anything in his nose at all. He's been up and about wanting to be brushed and petted. I think he's going to be OK. Thanks for asking about him! I always post when I want to know something, but then when it's all said and done I worry that I will bother people by continuing to post when the issue is resolved.
  8. Thanks for all the tips guys! He is still in the same condition now that I am home. I will try the tuna and the steam shower. I don't think it could be his teeth because we were just there two weeks ago and the vet did check them at that time... I think he would have said something if the teeth looked that bad. It will be a long wait for the morning! Thank you for all the advice... I know he is old and can't live forever, but I always hope for one more year, lol!
  9. P.S. You know what's so sweet? I'm just walking out the door to go to that meeting and I noticed that our other cat has curled up next to the sick one and is licking his nose clean. Gross, but so sweet!
  10. Hey guys, I'm SO worried about my cat and the vet doesn't open until tomorrow. Does anyone know about a VERY runny nose (greenish-yellow fluid) in an 18 year old cat along with sneezing and brownish discharge from the eyes? We took him to the vet two weeks ago and they gave us 1.0% Hydrocortisone for his ears because they were draining brown gunk at the time, and they did a full work up ($300.00 worth) of testing to check for thyroid, kidney issues or diabetes (all testing game out normal). The ears got better and he seemed to perk up after that, but he started slowing down yesterday and by last night he was getting a runny nose. Today I have been wiping it about every fifteen minutes since I got up this morning. He's lethargic and won't meow or eat, and he's sneezing too. I have to go to a meeting now and won't be able to check back in until 4 p.m. (DH said he'd keep wiping the cat's nose while I'm gone), but I just thought maybe someone on here might have been there and done that... I'm just worried because he seemed to get sick so, so fast. I know 18 is pretty old for a cat already, so we're on borrowed time, but after 18 years you get pretty attached to your cat, KWIM? I'm sure there was something there for a while because he's been sneezing, but the vet said his lungs sounded fine two weeks ago and he seemed unconcerned. Any advice would be very, very appreciated. I have never seen him have a runny nose like this in all the 18 years we've had him, so I'm pretty worried.
  11. Yeah, but our cat's tail was amputated at the base. He looked like he didn't come with a tail at all. It sounds like your cat will have some tail left to figure out if it's up or down...
  12. We had a cat whose tail was run over by a car when I was a kid and had to be amputated. This cat was an outdoor cat that kind of "came with our house," so it wouldn't stay inside and I guess his prowling got the best of him. The issue that came along with his amputation is that his brain had a message that his tail was "down" all the time, so he could never pee. He dribbled everywhere he went because apparently cats have to think their tail is "up" in order to pee. So our other cat started spraying in response and that house was smelling pretty awful in a short amount of time. When we moved a couple miles away the cat refused to come along, and kept going back to the old neighborhood, so the people in the old neighborhood started to feed him, but the cat we already had never stopped spraying. Now remember, this is when I was a little kid- over 20 years ago. Maybe things have changed medically since then and maybe the manner in which this cat's tail was run over had something to do with the way things turned out.
  13. How much time has your son spent with them in the past? Being shocked for a few hours may turn into being overwhelmed and angry about it after a day. Is their behavior more along the lines of not following the rules or does it involve any arguing, bossing or passive aggression toward other children? That can get to be too much for a kid very quickly...
  14. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: We decided to put my daughter in school this year too. It was a very hard decision so I feel your pain and I know about the whole "mixed emotions" thing. I just wrote a blog post about it to work through my feelings about it, and I think maybe it was too emotional because no one in my family even responded. It was crickets level silence when usually they all write something back about the posts. I think I might take it down... But in any case, I don't think people realize how hard it is to switch from one schooling method to another, and how heartwrenching it can be. :grouphug::grouphug: Remember that you are doing what you need to do for your family, and that takes bravery. You are just as brave now as you were when you decided to homeschool. You are brave enough to give your kids what they need, no matter what that may be...
  15. I can't quite figure out how to multi-quote this but it was in regards to my post about our shower board. It has held up well for a year. I did find out you are supposed to wipe it down really well with Turtle Wax prior to using it, and that gives it a nicer writing surface. As with the previous poster, I also think it's not as nice a surface as the smaller ones that are available, but the turtle wax really gave it what it needed to make it a great whiteboard. Also- I don't know how this is with the other people who made their own boards, but we cannot use dry erase markers on ours without ghosting. We can use either WET erase or dry erase CRAYONS but the dry erase markers are a pain to erase if you leave them up overnight-you can, but your arms muscles won't thank you for it. Our system is to use dry erase crayons and we have a spray bottle of water and a rag to wipe it off easily when we are done. I don't recommend the dry erase crayon eraser. It doesn't work so we just use a spray bottle with a rag and be done with it. Overall, we still LOVE it and it still is the best one thing we've purchased in regards to homeschool. It's so big so we can really use it- and there are so many things you use it for that you wouldn't think of before you had it. Every time my daughter doesn't understand something that board gets completely marked up with me trying to draw her a mental picture of it until she gets it. Also, a lot of the spelling curriculums are amazingly easy to do with a big whiteboard. We had a 4x8, and we still have it, but the bigger one is just so nice.
  16. I wish we could get by with 6k. Our seven year old's x-rays just showed that she has only twelve adult teeth. Twenty are missing. I agree with the pp who said to look into family history, lol. Unfortunately, it came from my side... Anyway, her college fund is now competing with her teeth fund. The dentist and the orthodontist both said 20k would be getting off easy, and 30 to 50 is more likely.
  17. What did they say about Splenda and aspartame? Did they mention sugar substitutes in the program?
  18. Thank you for sharing this... We are grappling with the decision regarding what to do next year as well. It's very difficult to make these decisions so your post was great to read.
  19. NM... you have WWE in all three options so you probably already know that, LOL.
  20. We just got some blue potatoes because my daughter wants to make a rainbow garden this spring. The directions say to leave them out for a week to sprout and then plant them. Should I leave them in the sun or just on the counter? Also, when you guys are mentioning cutting them- how do you cut them to make more? We only got a few in the package so if I could cut them that would be great...
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