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  1. I have not yet checked TWTM lists, this is the first time I have had to plan history in years (she went to school for a while and then did a co op), so it did not cross my mind look there. I did remember the forums though, LOL, I used to ask questions here all the time. I guess I might need to buy an updated copy of TWTM. My last copy is 2012... Thanks for the tip, that will make things much easier! I feel silly I hadn't thought of that.
  2. Hi, I have been researching how to use Human Odyssey Volume 3 for 8th grade. Several times people have mentioned there is a booklist or video list that matches up with Human Odyssey in a thread somewhere on the forums, but I cannot seem to locate it. Does anyone know where I could find some supplemental materials that match up with Human Odyssey Volume 3?
  3. Thanks! For those of us that have the VP cards, would a nice compromise be to get the modern times CC cards that have more nonwestern events, or are they extremely different throughout?
  4. Does anyone know if the lamination on the CC cards is thick enough, or is it the type of thing where they say it's laminated but you might want to laminate it again for durability?
  5. Sorry to come in a little late... So if you do Bravewriter and WWE what do you do for grammar? We've been using Rod and Staff and WWE, but I have been thinking of adding in a creative writing/Bravewriter type element. Is that just too many programs at once though? What about people who use MCT? My friend offered to let us borrow her MCT next year so I've been thinking about that, but it sounds like a lot of NEW stuff to take on at once... Plus I like Rod and Staff. It's like a little grammar worker bee.
  6. I do something similar with Math Mammoth. My daughter learns from the Math U See... She enjoys Mr. Demme's teaching much more than my own, so when she has trouble with a concept she handles it much better with Math U See. When she has a concept down in Math U See we get out the Math Mammoth workbooks for a week or two and really hammer it down. We got the whole Math Mammoth series a few years back from the Homeschool Buyers Co Op, so it all works out really well. MUS does wonders for her confidence and comprehension, and she says she loves math now. When we used Math Mammoth by itself she did anything she could to get out of math- now she does both programs and is much happier with the combination.
  7. Thank you so much! The test you linke looks much more like what my dd has been doing this year! Anxiety lowered :thumbup:
  8. Hey guys, Quick question... I got a Spectrum Test Practice Book (Grade 2) just to review the whole testing process with my daughter and lower her anxiety about it. However, now my anxiety is higher because it has multiplication and division in it. We haven't gotten to either of those yet and I didn't think we needed to for second grade. Is there really multiplication and division on the second grade Terra Nova? Does anyone know where I can find a list of skills they need to know for the testing? Thanks! Hailey
  9. Thanks guys, after looking at the Wrightslaw website I think the neuropsych would probably be better. I don't know if I could find a 2E experienced doctor out here. We moved to a less populated area so I don't think it's as easy to find that sort of thing :( Does anyone know of a website that might help me locate one? I wouldn't mind driving if it helped.
  10. If you wanted your child to be evaluated for a.d.d., capd, anxiety or learning disabilities (working memory issues), would you be more likely to take him or her to a neuropsychologist or a psy. d. practice group that does psychoeducational and psychological testing? Also, keep in mind the child in question is very bright and good at masking symptoms. Receptive speech delays, SPD, and auditory processing/working memory delays were diagnosed in preschool but no testing has been done since...
  11. Thanks so much! I've been wanting to make one of these for a while and your directions will make it easier.
  12. We have used Dreambox. I think it is a good supplement but my daughter's interest in it waxes and wanes. I would not feel confident using it as a real curriculum, nor would I pay full price for it. I do think it was worth the homeschool buyers co op price though.
  13. Has anyone compared this to Evan Moor's daily math practice? I'm trying to decide which to purchase and would love some feedback.
  14. Hey guys, Just wanted to post that Amazon.com's deal of the day is a Scotch Thermal Laminator for 16.99... Just wanted to post that because I LOVE my laminator and I know some of you ladies have been watching for a good deal on one. I wish they sold proclicks for 16.99, LOL. Hailey
  15. http://www.amazon.com/Awesome-Activities-Teaching-Literary-Elements/dp/0439163552/ref=pd_sim_b_5 Just looking for reviews... I'd also love reviews for the other book she wrote on grammar: http://www.amazon.com/Awesome-Hands-Activities-Teaching-Grammar/dp/0439434602/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_y
  16. Yes, I was VERY tempted by the idea of just buying a box from Memoria Press, but I really wanted some Catholic touches to the year and I was excited about the Behold And See Science from CHC... I still have a little tug toward it though, so I might try a lit guide and let that help me with the decision for third grade. The thing I am going to miss about her being in school is all the wonderful things she is learning about our religion, so I thought if we used a more Catholic based curriculum we could still give her some of that at home.
  17. Well, I read somewhere that R&S spelling for second grade isn't really that hard and that you can easily start them in level 3... I just figured I'd go ahead and do that since we will be starting all this in the middle of second grade anyway. We will probably move in January so her second grade year will be half over before we start. I will probably have to figure out where to begin teaching in some of the other books, but at least for spelling I can just begin at the beginning, LOL.
  18. It sounds like it might be a good idea to add the phonics then! Thanks for the tip on that- I wasn't really sure if she'd need more of that or not...
  19. Would R&S spelling sort of cover any leftover phonics she may have missed?
  20. I'm not really sure about the phonics, to tell the truth. We did a combination of things to help her learn to read, so I don't know if she's gotten enough of that or not. We started out with Webster's, and once she got two and three letter blends in that we moved on to Blend Phonics and completed that in kindergarten. Then we switched to Phonics Road and completed half of that in first grade before I got REALLY tired of watching videos and just decided to use the spelling lists/rules and word analysis portions but not the videos for the other half of first grade. So I'm not really sure how her phonics is at this point, but she got 98th percentile for reading on the Terra Nova last year and she can read Percy Jackson books. I don't think she has much problem with reading, but I'm not sure if she knows everything about phonics either, KWIM? She can read though... She reads really well.
  21. Hey guys, We sent our daughter to school this year so she could try it out while I dealt with some personal things I needed time for, but my husband just got a new job so we will be homeschooling again soon (schools in the new area aren't that great). I think it will be best for Grace, as she's not fitting in at school all that well academically anyway. Can you look at my plans and tell me if you think I have things well covered? I'm scared I will forget something important like reading comprehension, or that I will overdo it and burn out. I want solid but not overwhelming, KWIM? 2ndish Grade- Language Arts: Rod and Staff English Grade 2 - I am interested in this program because it's supposedly fool proof as long as you do it, and supposedly easily adapted to different learning speeds? Rod and Staff Spelling Grade 3 - I used to love doing a Phonics Road/SWR type thing but I don't want to burn out and this is supposed to be the next best thing? Catholic Heritage Curriculum Reading- this is mainly for the Catholic stories- it does not look like it covers things like finding the main idea, author's purpose, etc. that she is learning at school and I'm a little worried about that. Writing With Ease Level 1 - She only finished half of this in first grade so we would go ahead and finish it before moving on to WWE 2. SHOULD WE DO A VOCAB PROGRAM LIKE WORDLY WISE OR SOMETHING OR IS THAT ENOUGH? MATH: Math Mammoth Grade 2 - Is that enough by itself??? She did well with it for first grade and really misses it now that's she's at school doing Saxon. Science: Behold and See Grade 2 from CHC (supposed to be somewhat open and go as well as having hands on activities) History/Social Studies: Either do whatever comes in the Catholic Heritage Curricula package or do Elemental History's Adventures In America... I want LIGHT for this because I don't want to overdo it and burn out. Foreign Language: Song School Latin Religion: Our Life and Faith Handwriting: Catholic Heritage Curriculum Handwriting (this is copywork based that will reinforce the religious lessons and help prep for First Communion) Literature: Don't know... Just let her read?
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