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  1. What level does the Elementary Mathematics for Teachers and Elementary Geometry for Teachers by Parker & Baldridge. http://www.singaporemath.com/Math_Te...ource_s/27.htm go to?
  2. Thank you. I realized I posted the wrong letters. How embarrassing as a first post. I am considering the New Elementary Math series with Singapore Math. I have this posted on the forums at Singapore as well. Karen
  3. Howdy, I would like to introduce myself. I am Karen and have been home schooling my DD, 7yr, for past 2 yrs. She started with explicit phonograms when she was 3 yrs because her older brothers where learning them then. She reads at a 6.2 grade level McGuffy, spelling is 4.3 Wise. We finished Shurley English level 1 and Singapore 2. According to the state, she would have finished first grade because of a late birthday (Sept). DH & I decided to homeschool our twins, 13 yrs finished 6th grade. They have been in an all boys school for the past 4 years. We shall be doing assessments with St. Thomas Aquinas and Singapore Placement tests 6B to see where their abilities are. According to the school, they do well with math. The twins are happy to be home schooled. There are residual issues we shall need to address throughout the summer with them. The question for this thread is Math. I have used Singapore with DD with tremendous success and naturally assumed to just pick up with the twins using TEM. As is my nature, I started researching and came across Myrtle's posts which resonated withing DH & me. DH used Spivak & Leithold in high school Calculus and he won many, many math tournaments, based in part on this very firm foundation. He is a physicist by trade but his analytical abilities transcends many fields. His math teacher was a matron of honor in our wedding and I will show her what I plan on teaching once I get it synthesized. I did not have this type of education. I have seen glimpses of it along the way, both with DH and my own graduate level math courses at UCSD. Applied Physics had higher level math that electrical engineering, so I went that route for my masters. So the question is do I do TEM and supplement with Singapore's Algebra course or do I chart something different. At 7th grade, we are at a perfect starting point for so many things, math being one of them. A final wrinkle, the twins might transistion back into an all boys for high school (lacrosse), where they would have needed to have finished algebra by 8th grade to stay on the honor's track. So minimally, I want them to have a very firm foundation of algebra over the course of the next 2 years. Then if they go to high school, they will be fine. They & DH might also choose, to stay home, in which case we would continue on our rigorous math track. The highschool has a typical math program.
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