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  1. Paul doesn't need to teach, independently wealthy, Spindletop. He loves to teach and does it very well.
  2. Because of my successful math background, I am sceptical that a book this thin has depth. I have the home companion guide, and that is where I will supplement first. Then if more is needed, I will pull out of other texts or MEP. I might also use the tests in the teacher's editions as random assessments as well. The striking part to me is that it could very well be a stand alone program. This would put my traditional thoughts about math approach on its ear. I have shown LOF to an opthamologist mom who was as intrigued as I as well as an educator for gifted/talented students. She said she thought this book covered more than the elite school she taught at, the twins attended here as well. To cover more topics than Dolciani and to cover more than this particular school is quite a feat. I will happily post on our progress.
  3. Isn't it cool to learn things. I am so looking forward to recalling, refreshing, and learning. It has been a long time since I last did Algebra in a disciplined manner.
  4. Take this for whatever it is worth. Paul Forester lives in town and local private high school math dept. looked at his book and compared it to Dolciani's book. They thought it came up lacking in depth. Paul is a fabulous teacher and could teach out of anything and make it understandable. Based on this experience, I stayed with the Doliciani teacher's edition I already had and did not get the Forester book I was looking at.
  5. All have is conjecture no experience. I have Beg & Adv Algebra plus home companions. I also have Mary Dolciani, Gustafson/Frisk, Martin-Gay, plus our own background with higher mathematics to draw on and very interested mathematicians nearby. For the twins 7th, I want more reinforcement of their verbal skills, and less heavy handed approaches without sacrificing content. LOF covers more topics than the above mentioned books put together. It remains to be seen, if it is a mile wide and an inch deep. If it is shallow learning, supplementing more problems isn't a big deal here. However, no one is more suprised than me, to not be using Singapore for them. Also I am not a fan of Saxon, been there done that with older kiddos. Time will tell how it really works. But the big question becomes, what if it does deliver on its stated goals? What a nice change from the typical math book.
  6. Howdy, You brought back memories of my dearly departed father, a mechanical engineer, who held on to his slide rule for me when I went into engineering. 1980 was my freshman year, TIs with red LEDs were the thing, so I never learned how to use it, and eventually, the slide rule disappeared. I regret not learning on a slide rule and also not taking a class in civil engineering. OT.
  7. Howdy, I am another advanced degreed applied physicist who loves Life of Fred Beg & Adv Algebra. I have just sat down, correlated the topics covered by Fred with both Mary Dolciani 1989 teacher's edition and Gustafson/Frisk. He covers more material than these 2 highly respected texts together do in less time and with more enjoyment. Maybe, there might be more students interested in math as a result. One can certainly hope so. I use SM for youngest daughter very successfully. I thought I would use NEM for algebra and have a thread on the Singapore site. But I started researching Algebra curriculms. This board & Myrtle were instrumental in my discernment. I do plan on using the other books as a check on comprehension or reinforcement exercises but what if it turns out the Fred is a stand alone as opposed to a spine curriculm? I had also planned on taking my time with Algebra- a 2 full years, complete with proofs. It has been my observation, that many students who have difficulties with higher math do so because of weak Algebra skills. Now, I am starting to think of geometry next year. DH, a successful physicist, who dervies equations as a part of his job is also enjoying the text. I told him- he needs to write a Life of Albert for Physics:-) Happy Father's Day- one and all.
  8. Howdy, I just bought a 1989 teacher's edition Algebra 1 Dolciani from Abe books. Thanks for the link to Abe. Melissa I sent you a PM. What year is your extra copy? I think I need the years to correspond. Karen
  9. Do you have the teacher's edition of Dolciani or the student's edition? I am looking for these texts myself and was wondering if I should try to find the teacher's edition which is even harder than the students. Thanks,
  10. Howdy, I had a marvelous time. That night we followed the Make Way for Ducklings route complete with Swan Boat ride and dinner in Little Italy. We did both Minuteman Museums, Lexington, Concord Museum, and Mayflower on day 1when it rained. Then Freedom Trail, Wed., day 2 with Mike's Pastries and ending at Anthony's Pier 4. We had downloaded Freedom Trail on itouches to listen to as we walked. People were friendly and I used my warm clothing. Karen
  11. Howdy, I must fess up to what is in my suitcase- my leather overcoat, scarf, leather gloves, 2 sweaters, 2 mock turtle necks, leather boots and jeans. I have a 2 short sleeved cotton tops and sneakers if it does warm up and doesn't rain. The hotel has a pool, so bringing a swim suit just in case. Maybe in need only one sweater.:001_huh: I remember when living in MD, 55 was warm but after only 4 yrs in San Antonio 55 seems cool and 50 is approaching winter. Throw rain and a wind, I am sure it is. I am looking forward to the adventure. What a delightful bunch of people to take the time and post. If you hear anything about the weather post it. We leave for the airport around 4:30 AM.
  12. Rain on Tuesday/Wednesday. Freedom Trail is a must do but with rain off and on, it won't be fun. 56/50 temps, thinking I will need my turtleneck tops, sweaters, and maybe gloves. Tried downloading the audio of Freedom Trail but haven't seen it come through in the emails. I will need to call them.
  13. What are the thoughts about the Life of Fred curriculum. I am thinking about it for algebra next year.
  14. Howdy, I will have one 7 1/2 DD who is museum and looking at old houses savy. She is reading Dear Diary about the Mayflower currently, Longefellow's Paul Revere, and other assorted history books hence the interest. We also did Five in a Row with Make Way for Ducklings with extra material. I do understand about other things to do in Boston. But I had to chose a filter and Revolutionary/Colonial times was it. We aren't even going to see Harvard or MIT. No family in the area, and not sure when or if we would ever be back. We will have ipods to download Freedom Trail narrative on. We lived for 13 yrs in Rockville, MD and 6 yrs in San Diego. Know about difficult traffic and they need to factor that in which one really can't do. Keep the thoughts coming. And thank you for taking the time to graciously respond.
  15. DD & I visited Williamsburg in Sept as part of our study on Colonialism. I am wondering in Plimoth Plantation is similar to Williamsburg and perhaps I should focus on Lexington/Concord and the MayflowerII (which would be much shorted time wise that Plimoth Plantation). I have only 1 day for these excursions.
  16. I looked at the Plimoth Plantation link. I think we could do that and see Lexington/Concord on the same day. Thanks for the suggestion.
  17. Gratis. Keep the thoughts coming.
  18. San Antonio all the way. Don't forget the missions, and the River Walk has recently been lengthened with a working lock.
  19. Thanks for the link. Looks good. Do you plan on seeing sites outside of Boston- Lexington/Concord for example? Bunker Hill looks like a trolley stop. Did you see that the Boston Tea party ship is closed for renovations?
  20. Howdy, DH, DD7 yrs & I are going to Boston next week. We have read up on the city, read Longfellow's poem Paul Revere's Midnight ride, biographies on Paul Revere, George Washington, Ben Franklin, general history on the Revolution, and Make Way for Ducklings by McCloskey. We will have 2 1/2 days. The first evening (1/2 day), we will go to the public gardens, ride the swan boats, and relive the McCloskey book. The next 2 days, I want to explore all things Revolutionary War related- North Chruch, Freedom Walk, Revere's House, Boston Tea Party, Lexington & Concord, Bunker Hill, etc. I will have a rent car but can also navigate subways. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  21. Thanks for posting. I am wondering about this topic too.
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