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  1. Howdy-

    My twin DS entering freshmen, 15 yrs, this summer need an intensive, focused writing/composition type camp. Set in an inviting natural setting would be a bonus, they are experienced horsemen. DSs have finished Shurley 7, Grammar Plus, IEW US History, 2 years Latin, Mega Words 6. They need a focused time learning the mechanics and fine tuning their writing skills as their writing is still really rough. Ability to put on college applications is a bonus. Any suggestions?



  2. DH&I will be married 30 yrs next June and we want to take an Alaskan Cruise. We are looking at the Coral Princess Mini suite class. Does anyone have any experience with this cruise line or destination? Experiences on other cruise lines are also welcomed. We willnot be bringing the children:-)


  3. Twin sons, 14yr, finished LOF up to Linear Algebra (2/3 way through Advanced Algebra). They took an online Latin course Henle (Memoria Press) and did extremely well. They enjoyed their online course and the verbal interchange with both teacher and students. The oral reinforcement of ideas is very help for them. I see this whenever we have a guide at an exhibit or watching a video at a national park. It was nice having flexibility to which chat to attend during the week plus having the classes available for review afterwards. They are self motivated and I like having structure of a class, especially one as important as this one.


    They will be taking an Algebra Placement test for the private high school they will be attending Fall 2011. The text used at the school for Algebra 1 is Mary Dolcaniani's Structure & Method. Which online series would you suggest? Are there others I should consider? I have a strong math background but prefer in this instance to have a class for them to participate in.




  4. It's touristy, but it's also historical. It's about an hour to an hour and a half north of Cape Canaveral.







    What is touristy?


    Thanks one and all. Exactly what I was looking for. How warm is the water? Last month we were in Monterey,CA. Gorgeous beaches but the water was cold! Knew that ahead of time. Us Texans like our bath tub warm water:-)

  5. Friends-

    I use this term because it seems I come to these boards whenever we have a trip and I leave with excellent advice. True friends help us to be better:-)


    My family (DH,me, twin 13 yrs, DD 8) will be travelling to FL from San Antonio by Surburban for the next space shuttle launch in May. We have out tickets through Gator Tours. One day, will be watching the Shuttle, one day will be with Kennedy Space center, one day visiting with godparents to one of the twins, and one day at Disney World. We have one free day not planned yet.


    What would you suggest for that free day? I would really like something historical/nature oriented. We have a lot of touristy stuff in SA.



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