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  1. Mommyagain, thanks for your reply. From your post I assume that these 3 programmes are included in the Illuminations package? Or does it just suggest that you purchase these separately. I would like to order it all together if possible so we can get going!
  2. I am looking at the associated Illuminations (Bright Ideas Press) LA, but there are 1) no samples on the site 2) I cannot find a single review specifically for the LA programme and 3) They don't answer their phone - just goes to messages. The description on the site seems a bit vague and a bit off putting - almost as if there isn't a "proper" programme, just copy work for some suggested readers. HELP! Anyone doing MOH, which LA programme would you use for a 7 and 10 year old? TIA
  3. When I feel like this, the only thing that helps me is to read God's Word; anywhere - any page will do; Psalms where David was in a cave and battling; Job where God had forgotten him. There's something about the truth that cuts through all the lies we believe. My faith was so low at one point that I had told God that I had to leave Him, Christianity just wasn't working for me. And you know what? He held me, He never let me go, He was so gentle; he put people in my path that spoke to my heart in a way I could only just know He had sent them. Some I only realised later. I don't know why you are battling; but I know it's such a dreadful place to be. And I would rather die than go back to believing there is no God, or that He doesn't see and hold my every moment. Otherwise what's the point of it all? It sounds like you really need a prayer partner or someone to hold your hand through this, is there someone you can go to? I have prayed for your peace and clarity and hope.
  4. You are right, Colleen! Dumb, huh? It shouldn't be a big deal. We have done SL cores A,B and C. DS is going into grade 5, but his classmates would be 10 in grade 6, bit confusing. We started off with B and this year completed A and C simultaneously. I have read the well-trained mind in bits and pieces. Is there a particular chapter I should go back and re-digest? :blush:
  5. I did this in year one and last year because DD needed to learn to read... well with the curriculum it was not much more expensive to order the whole lot than just the readers - and she liked to have her own books. I did look at NOEO - I can't remember why I decided against it - was it perhaps the blank forms that needed a lot of writing???? I don't know. But you are right, downscaling should be my plan of action :001_smile: Here's the thing - the older one likes the oral/cooperative stuff and the younger likes the independent written work! :glare:
  6. Thanks, MLW. Hmmm the idea about 4 week blocks of History or Science - I might just use that - it would give more time to delve into the subject. Your LA schedule sounds very good. I am not brave enough to try Latin, but if I did change from SL would have to supplement this so thanks for the ideas. 4 1/2 hours would feel like heaven!
  7. Thanks, I will do that (another thread on SOTW and SL readers and Science) Apologies, DS is 10 and going into grade 5 - I keep forgetting. However, had he been in school they would have him in grade 6. (British system)
  8. We used SL from the start because it was all laid out on a day to day basis and if I had a rough week, I could just follow the guides without a lot of prep work. We have finished World History year 2 and were going to move to Eastern History since we live in the East now and may be able to travel to some of Arabia and Asia in the next year or so. SOTW - I looked at it and fancied year 3. Would it be possible with our ages? How could I tie this up with SL readers? I really like their books and buying one year bulk books saves on shipping (expensive fm US to here in bits) Science - just chatted to DS who is thrilled by your idea - he can choose weekly topics (subject captain) - and experiments which we will then flesh out. Here's my question - shouldn't I be following some kind of structure with a 6th grader? Like starting chemistry or something? I have to go out now, but am looking forward to any advice on my return Thanks so much!
  9. I like this and your scheduling ideas and narration block, thank you. I just feel bogged down as where to start. Perhaps I need to change our "core focus" to literature, then and then add on to these? Also, maybe I missed it, but you don't say how you do your language arts or grammar - is this all included when you do your reading? So there's not a lot of written work?
  10. Thank you, I think I know now, but I just need to find the right one. I am also terrified of moving away from SL because I haven't seen any other curricula "in person" and some advice I read on this forum also said "choose one and stick to it". I am inherently lazy and afraid of all the groundwork I may have to do with other programmes - what if I blaze and burn?
  11. You are spot on with everything you say. (Sorry, I don't know how to multiquote!) I know the attitude starts with me. Which curricula would you suggest I look at in doing the combined bits? I like your Subject Captain idea - I would love to get their buy in - I only have 2 kids to school after all. PS thanks for that link, I had a brief look, it looks really good.
  12. I get you Catwoman, but I don't know how to relax! What is the secret formula?:001_smile: I am battling on what to prioritise and can see that I may have to do 2 cores again this year. Which is why I am looking at other curricula; something with less flesh perhaps and more room to do more audiovisual stuff(?). I would like to slow down and enjoy the History and add some crafts; SL doesn't seem to lend itself to this well. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the Science but don't know which one to pick, since we have done 3 of them now - do I go easier or harder? DD isn't really interested in Science.
  13. Yes, maybe that would help us. Your kids are roughly the same ages as mine, so please let me know how it goes?
  14. We need to start year 3 mid September and I am dreading it. The children don't really enjoy school; year 1 was fine but I felt that in year 2 I was just on a train to tick all the boxes every day. DS10 drags his feet with anything written; DD6 just wants to get it all done asap and ends up "tapping her feet" while waiting for me and DS. I feel like a donkey trainer with a carrot and a stick. We spend so much time doing all the boring stuff that we never get to do the fun things (sometimes we used to finish at 4 or 5). We did start late - I am not good at routine - I think I procrastinated each day just because it was so boring or tedious for me. What am I doing wrong and how can I change my attitude? Oh, we were doing 2 SL cores - so 4 reading books daily and 2 Science programmes, Rosetta stone French, Singapore Math for DD6, Horizons for DS10 - doing everything daily for 4 days. Should I change to another curriculum so I can combine? We would be doing SL F I think (Eastern History) which would be too advanced for DD. The Science we weren't crazy about either this year - practicals were incidental and I have been looking for a more "experiment based but with no writing" programme with no success - please HELP! :eek: Any ideas welcome!
  15. I used to feel like this. Then I realised it was because I had a biological Father who wasn't worth his word. When I could separate the two "Dads" it made it easier to accept God as perfect and His word as reliable. It was scary though. Because if He was perfect and my life so horribly wrong... well then it had to say a lot about me. I think God especially values the screamers. Like Job. They take Him at face value. JMO
  16. Fabulous ideas, thanks:hurray: These are so good I may have a battle keeping DD and DS at their work :)
  17. That sounds like a good option! (The bin of little people - not the marker bit :)) Where would I get these Little People? I checked Amazon and there's nothing with that description. ETA I am probably being a bit dense - are you talking about the Fisher Price Little People range?
  18. I know the usual toys - puzzles, blocks, finger paints, big crayons - problem is DD1 is not interested in these and continually raids DD6 toys while we are schooling (her room is next to school room). She especially likes the fiddly small Miss Pocket or beads that end up in her mouth and are a bit hazardous. I want to make her her own baskets with things she can do only during school hours that will keep her busy and not necessarily need a lot of input from me/us. Any ideas? And I was thinking of maybe investigating the Montessori options available since they are educational - anyone used any of these in an HS setting?
  19. Hi all! New here, not yet homeschooling but starting in August so just getting acquainted with the board. Looking forward to lots of great advice!:001_smile: Dubaibokkie
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