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  1. I am LMAO at your avvie. 18.gif



    So funny. :)

  2. I am *so* loving the pics you're posting in the social group. They're great!


    And just stopping by to say "hi" :)

  3. We're going into Singapore after RS too. Right now we supplement with Miquon. All three are such good programs that I just couldn't not use one of them. :D
  4. Thank you Ria for your post on the Obama thread I started. Just wanted to reassure you that I know not all McCain supporters are like that, not by a long shot. I am just frustrated with the ones that are. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

  5. The Onion!!! Well that's that then. Better change my vote now! :D
  6. Everyday I come here and there's at least one new thread attacking Obama. Usually for unfounded, often ridiculous charges. Do you who post about it really think he wants to kill babies? Do you who post about it really think he's a terrorist? Do you who post about it really think he's going to endanger homeschooling? y Do you who post about it reall think he's going to turn the country into a communist state? Those are just a few of the more recent ones. I'm sick of the fear-mongering. I don't see any threads accusing McCain of being a member of the KKK. Thats just as ridiculous of the accusation that Obama is a terrorist. As for socialism....this country would have to travel so much further to even get near to true socialism. Universal healthcare does not a socialist country make. We can adapt some more socialist leaning policies and be a better country for it, I don't understand the fear of this. There are some that say that no one should get help, they have to rely on themselves. Thats wonderful if you have the means to do so. I would like to say: there ARE people who need help, who have NO CHANCE without it. Period. Are we to be merciful to them (bible anyone?) or are we to tell them to get a job and a house when they have neither. When they are living day to day hour to hour just to stay alive. I'm willing to help them. I hear a lot of things about taxes. They're going to be raised no matter who is elected. This is how we pay for things like roads, and agencies that inspect food, that help keep people safe. Are these things you are no longer willing to pay for? Because somebody has to. I don't see any threads accusing McCain of the scandals he's been involved in. Well...I saw one. I don't see any threads questioning McCain's character with his wife situation. I have seen some anti-McCain threads, and even a few more anti-Palin threads. But comparitively speaking, the numbers aren't even close. Whats makes it even more annoying is that when these anti-Obama people are presented with facts and sources that exonerate him or expose the mistakes in the sources they have quoted, they don't respond to it. They don't consider the possibility that they may have erroneous information. They just stop arguing that point and move on to another. Or they keep arguing the point even when the point has been shown to be wrong. I'm just tired of hearing all the baloney associated with this candidate. Yes he's my horse in this race and that makes it all the more frustrating. I'm just thankful that this board is not a realistic representation of the American people, where Obama currently has a decisive lead. I have little hope that this post will make some people see things from a different perspective. And I'm pretty sure I'll be attacked with vigor. But at least I feel better for venting. Have a nice day.
  7. moira, I love YOU. I just want to say, you have the patience of a proverbial saint.

    I've been reading that voter fraud thread, and I want to jump in, I click on all kinds of multi quotes....and then realize I'm too effing mad to post respectfully and coherently. I am so glad you are there, and you're doing a great job of countering the groundless accusations. :grouphug:

  8. There are IQ tests on line. I've taken them a couple of times, I always score very near to what my IQ was measured to be "officially". Some are better then others though.
  9. Hi Lisa. I'm glad you're here. I'm glad you say what you think, and stand up for what you see. Thanks for sharing your experience, and I hope beyond hope that things change for you soon.

  10. Now its my turn to ask - where ARE you???? :)

  11. I listen to a lot of stuff, about 5 decades worth of rock genres anyway. My favorite, and what always surprises people, is hardcore metal. Metalcore. Industrial. Nu metal. Like Pantera, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, Otep, Motograter, Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, System of a Down, Fear Factory, Superjoint Ritual, Dope, Static X, White Zombie, Biohazard, Sepultura, DevilDriver, Coal Chamber, Five Finger Death Punch, Danzig, all I can think of right now. Also like Marilyn Manson, which bothers some people. And anyone who knows me knows I love TOOL. Can't stand 80s hair bands though, that hardly strikes me as metal. Can't stand Metallica either.
  12. Not hard to pin down at all. Would you like a link? http://www.ontheissues.org/senate/Barack_Obama.htm
  13. Yes but it was perhaps a little misleading to express concern over child predators in a library, when actually the concern was the reading materials. I don't trust anybody, not one organization, to make our reading decisions for us. I'm not sure what your threshhold is re. sexual situations and thats exactly my point. Only you can decide what's acceptable for your family. Unless of course your goal is complete censorship, then you'd probably have no problem finding an organization to tell you what to read.
  14. I betchya astrid supports her candidate by voting for him too. LOL Perhaps advertising your political views does bring out the worse in people (so do a lot of other things), but if you let those rotten people keep you from displaying your views, then they win. LOL We all have a right to display political views in our yards, on our cars. Its a shame those rotten people don't understand or respect that. I have signs and bumper stickers too. Someone touches them, I'm getting mad and then I'm getting new ones. I will show my support. LOL You don't have to put anything on your car, but some of us like to. LOL And you know, there are many times I don't bring up politics with people I'd like to talk politics with. I don't know what their views are, and I don't want to start something that may not end well. So its not easy to just strike up a political conversation. LOL
  15. Have to disagree with ya on the VP debate. Biden clearly had that one. He was the only one that anything to say. I voted that this debate was slightly won by Obama. I think it would've been a tie if McCain hadn't been slinging so much mud at his opponent. He started out strong, did well. Then he got ugly enough that it ruined his good start. He meandered a bit while he was doing his mudslinging too, so he was almost ranting.
  16. Hello!!! :seeya: Thanks for asking me! We are in mostly the same social groups!! :D

  17. I wonder what he'll be tomorrow??? Maybe.....the next president?? :svengo: I feel it too.
  18. Hi! :seeya: Thank you for asking :001_smile:

  19. I am not slinging mud. I also saw that both dems and reps apologized, etc. This is already a very heated election, its probably going to get much more contentious in the days to come. I wonder what part things like this will play in the coming weeks.
  20. Hilarious story, Kidshappen. Hope your DH didn't squirm too much. :D Thats how I've been pronuncing nacht, with the proper k. That word sounds so very German to me. I had tried an online audio dictionary, but got tired of wading through stuff like: pronounce the letter e as a soft e after it comes after the consonants x and z. If it comes before the consonant y, but after a vowel, then pronounce it as a hard e with a slight inhalation, like a burst. Obviously I made all that nonsense up, but I didn't want to wade through the real explanation for every single letter. So I came here. Its nice to have a fount of knowledge at my fingertips. :001_smile: Thanks everybody.
  21. Great, thank you both. To make bewohner plural, would you just add an "s"?
  22. I'd like to know how to pronounce the German word "bewohner". Can anyone help? Also, how is "nacht" pronounced, I think I know but would like to make sure.
  23. Responding to moira and Pammy's posts Here's some possible voter...manipulation: a county in New York sent out absentee ballots with Obama's name as Barack Osama. It also happened in Florida during the primaries. If voters cross out and spell it correctly, will the vote still count? If voters vote for Barack Osama, will that count, as that exact person doesn't exist? Common sense can tell you that the people who do either of those things are obviously voting for Obama. But common sense does not always prevail in the world of politics, particularly when an election is at stake. Perhaps this is an s/o topic.
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